Over the Moon

I finally picked up the UCLA socks for Sweetie Boy again. In our last update, I was stalled out because I wanted to do a heel flap for this toe-up sock but the numbers were smaller than other patterns out there. And frankly, I wasn’t feeling the sock mojo. With the ever growing pile of sock yarn as the stern kick in the pants that I needed to focus on socks again, along with the excitement over The Harlot’s Lenore pattern from the Rockin’ Socks Club, I felt my interest turning ever so gradually back to socks. The thing with these toe-up socks for me is that I wasn’t feeling patient enough to rework numbers and follow a pattern line by line without really getting what was going on. I just didn’t have the patience or interest to do it.

Then, I found Mouse’s Toe Up Sock Pattern through Ravelry and it made sense. Mouse’s pattern, as she puts it, isn’t a pattern per se, but rather guidelines, kind of like The Harlot’s sock pattern in her Knitting Rules book. Voila! That’s exactly what I needed! I didn’t want hard and fast numbers, but something general enough, like do your gusset increases until you have almost double the number, or double if you like. Or do the wrap-and-turns until you have about one third of your original heel stitches. So on Wednesday at knitting group, I turned the heel. It was an imprecise heel but I loved it all the same. And when I was done, I was over the moon.

Since then, I finished the one sock and have cast on for the second. At 44 stitches on size 4 needles, the thing practically flies off my needles. I had knit up the leg on the first sock, and when Sweetie Boy tried it on, he said he wanted them to be ankle socks. Woot! Woot! I frogged back an inch or two and bound off, using Wendyknits’ stretchy bindoff. I’m just about to start the gusset increases on the second sock and am still loving this. Ahhhh, I’ve missed socks, I think.


11 responses to “Over the Moon

  1. I’m feeling the sock-siren calling too. I picked up a pair a couple of nights ago that I had put aside maybe a year ago. All that means is that some of these scarves are just going to have to wait for a while. Good thing Christmas is still a ways away.

  2. Yay socks! I love the colors. The FOs are flying off your needles. 🙂

    My Poms are so close to being finished. Hopefully this week!

  3. Woot! Woot! to your socks! Good job Sweetie boy for wanting ankle socks!

  4. Okay, hold on to your dpns. There is a strong possibility that I MAY have ordered a sock kit… you have corrupted me! It’s that blasted Vintage thing that the Harlot is doing. How can I, after all those years of affiliation with Gigantic Wine Co., resist that?

  5. Go you! You’ve been searching so long for an easy, practical toe-up heel that you like, and I’m glad you’ve finally found one.

    Does my heart good to hear you’re getting back into socks…Lenores or bust!

  6. Love the socks. Some day, maybe I’ll have the ability to knit some myself.

  7. Confession time, I guess. I, too, ordered that Crazy Vintage sock pattern AND bought more sock yarn yesterday. I may have to try a pair of UCLA socks, now when we have something to celebrate (basketball).

  8. Dontcha love it when something just works? I’m not a fan of the hard-and-fast rule in knitting, particularly when it comes to sock heels. I like the colours, too!

  9. Mouse’s guidelines are how I learned how to do toe-up socks too! Lovely sock so far.

  10. Hooray for the sock! I love the colors!

  11. New to your blog. Came from your comment on Ling’s. Love your work. Over the moon is so sweet. Thank you for the link. Guidelines sound perfect. I do love the colorway of the socks as well.

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