Thursday WIP Report

I worked on Shedir a bit more at knitting group yesterday. The yarn continues to be a dream to work with, and the cables galore keep you interested and focused. But I have to tell ya, when you get just a little bit tired, it becomes a real b*tch! I wanted to keep going, but my mind was saying, “unh-unh!” The good thing about cables is that your errors really show, so if you’re checking your work regularly, you can spot them and fix them. The bad thing about cables is that your errors really show, and you it’s harder to just let that little mistake go. Here’s her progress as of yesterday afternoon.

While I’m in full disclosure mode, here’s the little bit of Branching Out I have done. Not much done, as you can see in the before and after photos. Sigh!

Before and After

I still have my backlog of holiday knitting to finish up. Gah! The yarn arrived yesterday to finish my sister’s holiday gift, so that’ll be next up after Shedir is finished. After that, I hope to whip out the hat for my brother’s domus largus, as long as I get his head measurement. After that, I will officially be done with my holiday knitting, and left with the less-pressured-gift-knitting-for-people-who-aren’t-expecting-gifts-but-I-want-to-make-them-anyway.

Have a great rest of the week!


7 responses to “Thursday WIP Report

  1. So happy you’re enjoying Shedir. And Calmer. I would’ve felt bad if you’d bought it on my recommendation and didn’t like it, so I’m glad it’s to your liking.

    And sssh, I have two huge mistakes on my Shedir. Too lazy to rip out at the time, I can’t even find them now. Just fyi….

  2. I finished my holiday knitting before Christmas, but I seem to be finding more and more projects that need to be made for others. What gives?

  3. The Shedir is so nice, I love the texture and the color is rich! I might have to tackle it one of these days. Pretty lace too!

  4. (Live from Mexico) Your Shedir is looking mahvelous! I started mine this week too. FYI, cables and margaritas don’t mix too well either. I need you to show mw how to cable without the cable needle. I tried, but kept losing the stitches.

    I’ll see you Wednesday. Now, back to that margarita! Adios mi amiga.

  5. I know what you mean…people didn’t request the handmade gifts but I felt like I _should_ knit them. So much pressure! Your hat looks so nice, can’t wait to see the FO.

  6. Got my Shedir yarn, so I’ll be set to start when I get back. Had a trauma with the Paris scarf, though, so I’m really up the creek for knitting till I fix it up!

  7. Branching it out is looking good! I have been working on mine for months and have not gotten back to it. You are inspiring me to pick it back up!

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