The Weekend Was a Bust

No, not any Superbowl opinions expressed here. I didn’t watch it. I was sick over the weekend, so stayed home the entire time. Because it was so rainy here in So Cal, Sweetie Girl stayed home with me instead of going with her brother and dad to Sweetie Boy’s soccer games. What does this mean? I got some knitting done on the Alexandra sweater which I am now calling Impulse, but not as much as one would expect.

I’ve split off the sleeves and have begun the waist decreases. I’m past the second set of cables, and luckily, I turned these correctly. The first set of cables was an exercise for me in turning cables incorrectly, realizing rows later, and laddering down several rows to fix it. Lather, rinse, repeat several times. Yep, I think I got it now.

Thanks for the comments and emails about finding me some more DB Cashmerino Chunky in that coral salmon orange color. Kim of Love Is All You Need was super nice to offer up her 2+ balls which I greedily snatched up. (Thanks Kim!) I admit I’m slow and I finally connected where I’d seen her name before. She’s Kim of the fabulous Single Cable Ribbed Wristwarmers pattern that I made and Ellen made a bajillion of. (Thanks again, Kim!)

I’m waiting to knit some more of the sweater to get a better idea of how many more I need. Of course, I found a bag of 10 in the UK but that would mean $53 including shipping. Which is a great price for a sweater but I have to remember that I already paid money for the balls I do have. So, I’m trying to be practical about it. Yawn, I know.

I’m not even halfway done with Impulse yet, and I’m already thinking about what I want and need to work on next. First, I have to finish the baby sweater and then cast on for another. I think I’ll use some Blue Sky Organic Cotton in stash for the next one, follow the newborn size but with bigger needles, and omit the hood this time. That should make for a quicker knit. I’m also already dreaming about Anne Hanson’s Gust scarf. Simple but beautiful. I think it’ll look great in worsted weight too, so I might have to break out some of my Hot Foot from Village Weaving and Spinning. Oh yeah, there’s my knitting group’s Lenore knitalong that starts on the 15th. Well, at least I have 11 more days before I pick that one up again. Happy Monday!


5 responses to “The Weekend Was a Bust

  1. Oh no – so sad to hear you are sick! Glad you weren’t too sick to knit – and found more cashmerino!!

  2. Those coral cables are so impressive…very fancy stitching, turning and crossing over!!!

  3. “Impulse” is looking great….glad you found some more yarn. I think you should just buy those 10 balls and have lots of left overs… never know when the yarn apocalypse will happen.

    Hope your feeling better

  4. Feeling better? I hope so. Germs = blech.

    But yay for the save on Impulse. Looks like you’re cruising along on her just fine…and I hope you have enough yarn. Fingers crossed!

  5. The impulse sweater looks great! It’s not a pattern I’d ever considered making from Fitted Knits, but I may just have to revise that opinion.

    Sorry to hear you’re sick! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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