Where’s the Off Switch?

I’m home with a sick sweetie girl. You know the kind of sick I mean… the post nasal drip cough-cough and stuffy nose that keeps her at home but she still has tons of energy sick. By tons of energy, I mean every five minutes, I nag her to lie down and rest. And nonstop chatter from her. Nonstop. How come kids don’t come with off switches? Yeah, I know the kid’s cute, but cute and quiet can be so much better than cute and annoying. Okay, sometimes.

Let’s just immerse ourselves in knitting, shall we? I finished the second Easy Baby Cardigan made with the BSA Organic Cotton and was in such a rush to wrap it that of course I forgot to take a picture. Sigh. I did whip up this little hat the next day using the leftover yarn and some other BSA Organic Cotton yarn scraps in other colors.

Project: Scrap Happy Celebration Hat
Yarn: BSA Organic Cotton scraps in sand, bone and sage.
Needles: Knit Picks Options US Size 8
Start: February 17, 2008
Finish: February 17, 2008
Thoughts: Cute little cap; wish I had more of the sand colored yarn but I gots what I got. I love this pattern because it uses scraps of yarn and makes stash diving fun and interesting. Definitely an easy go-to project for baby gifts.

Since the baby projects are mostly done for now, I’m working on the Lenore socks with the STR Lenore yarn that’s part of my knitting group’s knitalong. I finally finished up the lace portion at the top, and am knitting down the leg. The 2 row repeat is a breeze and makes for interesting and fast social knitting… the best type.

This just in… when I asked her just now to be quiet for a bit, she said, “Talking is my life. I have to keep talking.” I just saw a glimpse of my future, people, and it looked bleak. Oh, and I’m getting the guilt trip which consists of a kiss on the cheek and, “That’s how much I want to partner read with you right now, but you don’t want to partner read with me.”

With the rain we’re getting here in So Cal, I also have my sights set on finishing the Impulse sweater. Oh and it would be nice to finish Sweetie Girl’s Mia shrug/sweater, even though she won’t stop talking. Do you think I could bribe her with it?

10 responses to “Where’s the Off Switch?

  1. hmmm, i wonder where she gets the talking from….I don’t think you can bribe her with a sweater, it will likely incur further chatter.

  2. Dontcha just love baby knitting?! Fun, fast and oh so cute. I love that scrappy hat…what a great idea for left overs. Lenore is coming right along.

    As for the off switch on kids……Benedryl! just kidding, hehe. Hope Sweetie girl feels better and you don’t catch it next.

  3. When I lived in Paris back in the 70s, I would regularly see mothers give their babies wine at the cafes. So, how about a nice merlot? Kidding.

    Sweater as bribery? How’d that work out?

  4. I would do anything for a “Chatty Cathy”. Instead, I ‘ve got “Silent Sams”. They tell me so little that I am forced to pull little tidbits out of them. I usually receive one word answers or the popular “I don’t know”. Nowadays, when I pick them up from school, I won’t let them out of the car until they’ve shared at least 3 interesting things from their day–even if it’s just what they served in the cafeteria that day.

  5. I feel your pain. I love to hear what my girls are thinking, but the constant chatter, which eventually becomes pure silliness is a bit headache inducing. Especially in the car. Hope the cold will pass quickly, and that you don’t get it. Very cute hat, and the socks look beautiful!

  6. Too funny on the off switch! What a guilt trip on the cheek-kissing and sweet commentary about “partner reading” too. Oh boy. You are in for it!

  7. My folks used to tell me that I was born talking. I didn’t stop, once I learned. I see a future career as a radio or TV moderator in Sweetie Girl’s future.

    Maybe, get her a tape recorder. Tell her she has to go into a sound-proof booth (the closet with the door closed) and conduct make-believe interviews. That should keep her out of the way for awhile!

  8. Your Lenores are looking beautiful. What needle size are you using? Did you swatch? I don’t want to. I haven’t cast on yet, but plan to this weekend.

    Sweetie Girl is funny without even trying to be. Reminds me of a friend’s little girl who had been wanting a dog for a couple of years. She told her mom that something was missing in her life. Her life wouldn’t be the same without a dog. They’re very dramatic at that age. And funny too.

  9. I can relate! You wait so long for them to talk, then they don’t stop, ever! Sorry Sweetie girl is sick. There are some terrible bugs going around!

  10. Ah yes. Too sick for school, but still enough energy to drain Mom dry! I liked Madge’s suggestion of the wine–only administered to the mother, not the child! Hope she’s better soon and doesn’t pass the bug on to anyone else in the family!

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