The Little Bit I Got Done

It’s almost noon and I’m still in my pajamas, butt glued to the chair. Not a pretty picture. I’m seriously jonesing for some Elann yarn, and trying hard not to click the “buy” button. My solution? Blog. That’ll keep me distracted for about 10 minutes, right? Trolling through the Ravelry black-hole-time-suck looking for pattern ideas for stash yarn kept me distracted for about 2 or 3 hours. Seriously. I call that recovering from Sweetie Girl yesterday.

Thanks for the ideas on how to deal with Mile-a-Minute Motor Mouth. Today, we packed her up and sent her to school. She has no fever so I don’t feel bad. And any kid with that much energy without any medication is well enough IMO.

So, the little bit of knitting I got done yesterday wasn’t really knitting at all. It was seaming. I dug up the Mia shrug/sweater and mattress stitched the sides (thank you again, Patty, for teaching me lump recognition!). I got Sweetie Girl to stop jumping on the sofa long enough to try it on and it fits perfectly. Just gotta add that big ole honkin’ ribbed collar now.

I was looking at the grown up version of this sweater on Ravelry and really liked how it fit so nicely on so many people. I might have to make this one with either the Kathmandu Queensland Aran I recently got or a lighter weight version made from Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora.

6 responses to “The Little Bit I Got Done

  1. Still in PJs at noon…..I call that a good day!

    Matching Mias…….To die for CUTE!!!!

  2. You seamed! You seamed! Soon SG will be dazzling her in another photo shoot – yay!

  3. I love the sweater. It is so cute! 🙂

  4. Well… tell! Did you or did you not succumb to the Elann yarn? Inquiring minds want to know! Especially inquiring minds attached to bodies that are going to be without their beloved yarn for the next few months…

  5. Cute sweater! I really like the colour.

  6. Lovely shrug! I can’t to see your version!

    I hope you pressed the “BUY” button. Yay for stash enhancement!

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