Thursday WIP Report

It’s time for that thoroughly unexciting Thursday WIP Report where I show you my infinitesimal progress on knitting and my disproportionate amount of stash acquisition.

This is the first of the Lenore socks I finished up this week. It fits mahvelously, perhaps my best fitting socks ever, because I actually calculated negative ease in the length. I also used tiny needles to make sure they were snug enough and I’m really pleased with the results. Of course, I had to cast on the second sock right away, or else I’d be faced with a bad case of the Ooh-Shiny’s.

Cavern Cardigan is continuing to grow also, although not as quickly as before. Once I turned the heel on the Lenore sock, I could see the finish line in sight, so spent a bit more time with that project. I put on the Cavern Cardigan this morning before this posting, and it fits nicely, possibly a little too loose for my hoochie-mama ways. I had done 3 rows of decreases for the waist and I think I can do a couple more. I’ll probably wear this cardi over a tank, cami or snug long sleeve tee in the cooler months, so I don’t want a lot of positive ease on this.
I’ve been acquiring a bit of yarn, mostly by Ravelry destashes but also had a bit of luck on eBay. I scored three skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, one of my favorite yarns, in a beautiful, springy lavender, for 12 bucks, shipping included. That was my first score.

The second score was just beautiful luck. I mentioned last week that I was obsessing over Bianca’s Jacket, especially larisa’s, and found some beautiful versions made with Berocco Denim Silk. The picture above is the one from IK Fall 2006, but larisa’s version was nicely fitted. Actually, seeing the picture above does not inspire me at all. But it’s just to give you a point of reference on the sweater.
Anyway, seeing that the Berocco Denim Silk is discontinued (I think), that meant the game was afoot! I was lucky enough to snag nine skeins total from two different ravelers, TwistedKnitter and delic8genius, and the lucky for me, they turned out to all be of the same dye lot. Yay for small miracles. That’s TwistedKnitter’s picture of the yarn above. Thanks for letting me use the photo, Janet.

8 responses to “Thursday WIP Report

  1. Lenore. Is. One. Beautiful. Sock.

    Hoochie mama? Hee.

    Score! on the Denim Silk and Cotton Fleece.

  2. Love your Lenores!

  3. Lenore looks fabulous, and loving the cardi…….you go girl, get that thing TIGHT.

    Nice Stash enhancement….dontcha love a deal/seal

  4. The sock is goregeous. I think denim silk is discontinued, but there was a bunch of it at the old LYS the other day. Maybe I should stock up- the alternate version of the sweater is amazing!

  5. That’s why I love Ravelry! I wasn’t moved by the Bianca’s Jacket either, but Larisa’s fitted version is lovely! Thanks for posting about it!

  6. Congrats on your perfect fitting Lenore! It’s beautiful.

    What luck on finding the Denim Silk. I love the color, but then again, you knew I would. 😉

  7. Beautiful, beautiful sock!

  8. nice work on scoring that denim silk!!

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