I Survived the Weekend!

Just barely, but Sweetie Girl is a casualty of our full weekend. 4 soccer games, 2 softball games (that’s a correction; I had thought it was 1 but turned out it was 2), 1 brownie event and 1 family get-together. We left the house both mornings by 7:15a at the latest. This morning, I thought we had survived. And then at noon I got the dreaded call from school. Sweetie Girl had a fever and I picked her up right away. That’s what we get when I’m not paying attention to all of the kids’ activities. I need to do better at saying no when we have too many family activities.

Even with all that running around , I still managed to finished a project (Cavern Cardi – yay!) and cast on a new ones. I also have to confess to starting one up on Friday while in the Orthopedist’s office. Cavern had grown to a point where I didn’t want to haul it everywhere, so I grabbed the already-caked skein of pink koigu that in a previous life was supposed to be a lacy heart patterned sock, two size 2.25mms needles, and printed up the Los Monos Locos pattern. That’s the toe-up no-purl Monkey socks. Having done Monkeys once before, the pattern was a breeze to pick up, especially without the purls, and I’m cruising along down the foot.

The project I cast on this weekend was another Knitting Pure & Simple Easy Baby Cardigan by Diane Soucy. This will be the fourth one, and I love that it’s my go-to baby project. I’m still working on the hood. When I’ve finished the body and sleeves, I undo the provisional cast on and 3-needle bind off the top of the hood. I never tire of this pattern, and hope I never will. I’m using five skeins of the Pakucho Organic Cotton from Elann I bought a few years ago. I know the end result will be perfect for the baby boy that is arriving in May, and will wash up super soft. Knowing that helps me put up with the kitchen string-like feel of this yarn.

I’m dreaming of making another of these Baby Cardigan in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for a baby’s upcoming one year old birthday in June. Or maybe I’ll dig around in the stash and use up some of that periwinkle cotton blend I got from The Yarn Lady Bag Sale a couple of years ago. Even more stash busting… that’s makes me so happy!

While at the four hour brownie event on Saturday, I finished up the Cavern Cardi too. Woo hoo! All the ends were woven in, the ties crocheted and she got her bath. She’s dry now and waiting for her close up, Mr. DeMille.


4 responses to “I Survived the Weekend!

  1. Whoa! I think I have a fever after reading the first part of this post…….take it easy girl! I hope sweetie girl feels better soon.

    Loving those pink crazy monkey socks and Can’t wait to see Cavern.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Easy Baby Cardi- I have a couple of babies to knit for coming up and haven’t been able to settle on anything- this might just be the thing!

  3. Hope Sweetie Girl is feeling better soon. Poor thing.

    Great project recap. Congrats on finishing Cavern!

  4. I hope she is feeling better! Isn’t it crazy how many activities kids have nowadays!?

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