Birthday Girl

Yesterday, my Sweetie Girl turned 8. I realized I still think of her as a little girl, and she’s not so little anymore! Here she is with the cake we made together and she decorated. Yes, that’s purple icing she chose. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


9 responses to “Birthday Girl

  1. Happy Birthday Sweetie Girl!!

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie girl. Mine turns 8 in 2 months, and she still wants to be the baby. Such big kids!

  3. The cake looks super yummy! SG is so gorgeous. What a knock-out she’s gonna be!

  4. Happy birthday, Sweetie Girl!

  5. Oh, Happy Birthday Sweetie Girl!

  6. Let’s hear it for purple! Love the cake! Happy Birthday

  7. Happy Birthday, SG!! And Mom, it’s a lavender cake, okay? Looks delish no matter what color the frosting! I love the giant “S”.

  8. Happy birthday to your SG!!

  9. A little late – but happy Birthday!! She’s such a cutie.

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