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This weekend, Sweetie Girl had her first official soccer game on her new club team. To mark this debut (and because it was raining on Friday), I quick-knitted her a hat to match her uniform. It was a tournament, which meant at least three games over the weekend, rain or shine. Of course, stash yarn was used which prompted the immediate cast on.

Project: Sweetie Girl’s Soccer Beanie
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish (worsted weight) in Red Pepper, less than 1 skein, and Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran in black, leftovers for the trim.
Needles: Knit Picks 16″ Classic Circulars in US size 7
Start: May 23rd
Finish: May 23rd

Thoughts: No pattern. Just cast on 81 stitches, and k2tog the first stitch to make join tight.

1 1/4 inches of 2×2 ribbing with the red stripe in the middle, then switched to stockinette until the entire hat was 5 inches. Did the decreases over the crown over 8 sections. It was a hit! So much so that I’m toying with the idea of knitting hats for the rest of the gals on the team. That’s 9 or 10 more hats. Hmmmm, just toying with the idea for now.

I put the Indigo Ripples skirt in the washer and dryer twice, and it fits quite nicely! I got the slubbiness back, which I had really missed, and it has a beautiful drape now. I just have to find the perfect blouse now. And the perfect shoes. And the perfect undergarments. And…

I also finished Boing! on Friday but haven’t washed it yet because I was lacking blocking wires. Yep, I found someone on Ravelry who bought some welding wires, and had extras. So I snatched up a set for 11 bucks, and I just received them today. I’m hoping to soak Boing! tonight and pin her out tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to how this one turns out.

I also gave in this weekend and cast on for a new sleeveless shell. After studying Chickami and the Fitted Tank patterns, the cotton stash yarns, and my existing swatches for these yarns, I decided to cast on the Fitted Tank using the Valeria di Roma Topacio cotton blend yarn from my stash in coral. I’m knitting it in the round, instead of knitting it flat, and am happily past the 6″ of 2×2 ribbing and into the stockinette. Ahhhhh, nice and soothing over the weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be done with this soon before the warm weather is back upon us.

Hope you had a nice, long weekend.

Thursday WIP Report and a FO

I finally have a FO to share, along with the usual WIP Report. This is a baby sweater for a friend who may have popped by now. I decided to add single crochet around the edge to spice it up a little. Here are the before and after photos. I’m such a crochet-tard that I really needed help on starting it up and finishing it correctly. Thanks Madge for the help!

Project: Easy Baby Cardigan #4 by Diane Soucy/Knitting Pure & Simple
Yarn: Pakucho Organic Cotton, 4 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 7
Start: April 20th
Finish: May 3rd

Thoughts: It’s my fourth one. Enough said.

Indigo Ripples is finally done, but not quite. It grew a bit in length, probably from the weight of it. I just washed it, set it on the blocking board to dry and now it’s too long. I’m going to rewash it, pop it in the dryer and see what comes out. I might have to turn the top edge over to make a casing to shorten the skirt to the most flattering length. Fingers crossed. The change in fabric was a bit amazing. When I knit it up, it was quite slubby, which I really enjoyed. Once I washed it and laid it out to dry, it straightened up and became a true lady, nice and finished with a little bit of shine. I miss the slubbiness though.

Picovoli continues to grow at a snail’s pace. The yarn is stretchy and gripy and doesn’t slide easily. For the sake of my knitting group, I might have to abandon this project, so they don’t hear me whine about it the entire time. Or just work on it at soccer practices and games. The blue is slightly duskier than the color in the picture. I’m tempted to give in to the desire for a quick knitted sweater, like Chickami, with some aran weight yarn though.

Sweetie Girl’s softball team won the championship game this past weekend! The game was on Sunday in 100 degree heat. We expected the game to end after 1 hour 45 minutes, which is how all of the regular games have lasted. But no, since some idiot (probably a non-knitter muggle and I’d bet money it was a man) decided that championship games must be played for 6 innings. These kids played for 2 and a half hours that afternoon. You could see all of the moms of the 8 year olds in the stands just bristling at this stupid rule and wanting to drag their daughters into the shade. At least it’s over for now. This was her first season playing, and we’re lucky it ended on such a positive note. Congrats to the Blue Jays!

Thursday WIP Report

It went from raining on Monday to blazing hot today, so that’s plenty of incentive to hurry up and finish the Indigo Ripples Skirt. Here’s the picture of her with part of the lace. I have about 20 more rows of lace to do before the ruffle, and I’m thinking of making the lace shorter because a) I’m shrimpy and need the skirt to be the right length, and b) I’m almost ready to be done with this. However, I’ll try to soldier on and do a bit more. But don’t be surprised if it gets finished up without all of the prescribed lace rows.

All of my WIPs currently seem to be lace projects, which don’t make for problem-free social knitting projects. I needed a stockinette in the round project, so I finally cast on for Picovoli. I tried to make it once before, swatching with Artful Yarns Fable and Valeri di Roma Topacio. Both were just too thick of a fabric and the gauge was not right. Granted, it’s not a hard pattern to rework the stitch count but I thought the sweater fabric would be too heavy.

I picked up some Elann Esprit at their recent bag sale for this yarn and got this lovely blue called capri. It’s sport weight and stretchy which takes a little getting used to. I knit up a swatch, and reworked the numbers. No problem though, but I did get some row gauge advice from the all-knowing Patty. Here she is in her unexciting beginning stage. I can foresee this one taking a while before being done, partly because it’s 161 stitches to start on size 5s, but mostly because the yarn tends to stick to the needles, even the metal ones.

Hopefully, I will do a tiny bit of finishing on Friday and finally be able to show Baby Cardigan #4. Have a great rest of the week and stay cool!

Various and Sundry Stuff

I had started this post on Monday, and here it is Friday already. Things are starting to get crazy-end-of-the-school-year-busy here at Chez Dim Sum, so I’ll post what I got.

Cavern is finally done and worn. Huzzah!

Project: Cavern Cardigan by Laura Chau/Cosmicpluto Knits (based on the Minisweater aka Boobholder pattern by Stefanie Japel/Glampyre — whew! That’s a lot of linky dinks.)
Yarn: Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Pond Scum, about 2 1/4 skeins (based on weight)
Needles: Knit Picks Options, US size 7
Start: February 29th
Finish: April 19th

Thoughts: This is a perfect little spring sweater. I’ve worn it a couple of times, and gotten nice comments aqbout the color and fit. Sometimes I love the non-knitter muggles who ooh, aah and gush over wearable knits. I made the sleeves 3/4 in length, because I just had to get off sleeve island. Besides, the 3/4-ness lends itself towards the spring idea, doesn’t it?

It’s a bit big under the arms, because I kept knitting and increases when I shouldn’t have. I have big arms, so I always add a few extra increases before splitting off the sleeves. When I put it on scrap yarn to try it on, I still have a hard knowing for sure, especially if I want a little bit of negative ease. I think the yarn grew a bit after washing too, but I’ll never know for sure because I was too much of a lazy butt to wash my swatch and measure it before and after. Nor did I measure the sweater before and after washing. hee hee

I added some waist shaping (thanks again, Patty!) but looking a the picture now, I should have added a bit more. Oh well, live and learn. I still love the sweater and know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it. I definitely recommend this sweater because I love top-down construction for its ease to knit and finish.

My knitting group is doing a Spring Cleaning knitalong, so I dug out the Indigo Ripples Skirt that I started last fall. I’ve been wallowing in self-pity about how long it takes to do 210 stitches of stockinette on size 4 needles, and then Lo! It’s time to start the lace. hee hee Whining makes things go by more quickly, but shhhhh! don’t tell the kids. It’s the Tahki Laguna 2000 yarn that’s a linen/viscose blend. It scrunches up quite soft, and I know after a dunk, it’s gonna be nice and slubby looking. Towards the top half, you can actually see the line that’s where I started knitting it again. I’m hoping that part either blocks out, but if it doesn’t, I’m sure my boo-tay will stretch that out. No worries there. I’m knitting the stockinette part longer than the pattern suggests, based on Ravelry and the Knitalong comments. Because nobody needs to see the old lady’s butt peeking through the lace. Eeeeeuw!

To help you clear out that grotesque visual, here’s Boing!-in-process. I think I have about five more repeats to go until I’m done, but because things have been so hectic, I’ve only been able to do mindless stockinette at soccer practices and meetings. That basically means, not much knitting getting done at home in the evening. My brain is too fried (or more like I stayed up too late getting caught up on emails, Ravelry posts and blog reading) to concentrate on lace. I need to dig down deep and find the energy to finish this, because I know it’s going to be gorgeous when it’s done.

This picture was supposed to show you how the Boing’s lace actually looks, but instead, I got… Hello, this is my backyard!

Have a great weekend and Mother’s Day for those of you who are a mom, have a mom, are related to mom, or know a mom.

A Sleeve! A Sleeve!

I finished up one sleeve for Easy Baby Cardigan #4. That was what I did at the kids’ piano lesson today, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on Boing!

Boing! has grown a bit also. I’ve completed 14 repeats, I think. I can handle five repeats per sitting until my brain fries and implodes and I start making mistakes. And of course, wild one that I am, I’m not using a lifeline. Woo hoo! Hi. My name is Mary. I live life on the edge. I can’t seem to put this project down, and seems I’m racing to the finish line, even though I don’t own any blocking wires or a blocking board big enough. Don’t have a spare bed or carpeting to pin it to either. Guess it’ll be a while before it can really be done, but who cares? I’m having fun!