A Sleeve! A Sleeve!

I finished up one sleeve for Easy Baby Cardigan #4. That was what I did at the kids’ piano lesson today, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on Boing!

Boing! has grown a bit also. I’ve completed 14 repeats, I think. I can handle five repeats per sitting until my brain fries and implodes and I start making mistakes. And of course, wild one that I am, I’m not using a lifeline. Woo hoo! Hi. My name is Mary. I live life on the edge. I can’t seem to put this project down, and seems I’m racing to the finish line, even though I don’t own any blocking wires or a blocking board big enough. Don’t have a spare bed or carpeting to pin it to either. Guess it’ll be a while before it can really be done, but who cares? I’m having fun!

6 responses to “A Sleeve! A Sleeve!

  1. I have blocking wires. Somewhere in one of those gigantic bins. They were packed by the Movers From The Nether Depths, though, so it’s anyone’s guess when they’ll surface. But when they do, you’re welcome to borrow them!
    Hey, you can even block on my guest bed in my new guest room–it even has doors to keep the kitties out!
    Yeah, I need to get moved in first, but hey, optimism, right?

  2. tiennieknits

    It looks great!

    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my scarf today. I tried to reply by e-mail but it kept getting bounced back. 😦

  3. Cute baby sweater! Boing is very cool. Clearly you need another blocking board- it’s a necessity!

  4. You made me laugh out loud (truly) with that one about living on the edge! I never use a lifeline either. Livin’ life without a net! LOL….

  5. You’re a Rizzo at heart, too. Even more than me, with your wild lifelineless ways!

    Sleeves are good. And wow, you’re booking on Boing. If Marie can’t find her wires you may borrow mine. ‘Coz Boing’s a must-wear asap.

  6. You’ve been doing some great knitting! Very cute sweater.

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