Various and Sundry Stuff

I had started this post on Monday, and here it is Friday already. Things are starting to get crazy-end-of-the-school-year-busy here at Chez Dim Sum, so I’ll post what I got.

Cavern is finally done and worn. Huzzah!

Project: Cavern Cardigan by Laura Chau/Cosmicpluto Knits (based on the Minisweater aka Boobholder pattern by Stefanie Japel/Glampyre — whew! That’s a lot of linky dinks.)
Yarn: Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Pond Scum, about 2 1/4 skeins (based on weight)
Needles: Knit Picks Options, US size 7
Start: February 29th
Finish: April 19th

Thoughts: This is a perfect little spring sweater. I’ve worn it a couple of times, and gotten nice comments aqbout the color and fit. Sometimes I love the non-knitter muggles who ooh, aah and gush over wearable knits. I made the sleeves 3/4 in length, because I just had to get off sleeve island. Besides, the 3/4-ness lends itself towards the spring idea, doesn’t it?

It’s a bit big under the arms, because I kept knitting and increases when I shouldn’t have. I have big arms, so I always add a few extra increases before splitting off the sleeves. When I put it on scrap yarn to try it on, I still have a hard knowing for sure, especially if I want a little bit of negative ease. I think the yarn grew a bit after washing too, but I’ll never know for sure because I was too much of a lazy butt to wash my swatch and measure it before and after. Nor did I measure the sweater before and after washing. hee hee

I added some waist shaping (thanks again, Patty!) but looking a the picture now, I should have added a bit more. Oh well, live and learn. I still love the sweater and know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it. I definitely recommend this sweater because I love top-down construction for its ease to knit and finish.

My knitting group is doing a Spring Cleaning knitalong, so I dug out the Indigo Ripples Skirt that I started last fall. I’ve been wallowing in self-pity about how long it takes to do 210 stitches of stockinette on size 4 needles, and then Lo! It’s time to start the lace. hee hee Whining makes things go by more quickly, but shhhhh! don’t tell the kids. It’s the Tahki Laguna 2000 yarn that’s a linen/viscose blend. It scrunches up quite soft, and I know after a dunk, it’s gonna be nice and slubby looking. Towards the top half, you can actually see the line that’s where I started knitting it again. I’m hoping that part either blocks out, but if it doesn’t, I’m sure my boo-tay will stretch that out. No worries there. I’m knitting the stockinette part longer than the pattern suggests, based on Ravelry and the Knitalong comments. Because nobody needs to see the old lady’s butt peeking through the lace. Eeeeeuw!

To help you clear out that grotesque visual, here’s Boing!-in-process. I think I have about five more repeats to go until I’m done, but because things have been so hectic, I’ve only been able to do mindless stockinette at soccer practices and meetings. That basically means, not much knitting getting done at home in the evening. My brain is too fried (or more like I stayed up too late getting caught up on emails, Ravelry posts and blog reading) to concentrate on lace. I need to dig down deep and find the energy to finish this, because I know it’s going to be gorgeous when it’s done.

This picture was supposed to show you how the Boing’s lace actually looks, but instead, I got… Hello, this is my backyard!

Have a great weekend and Mother’s Day for those of you who are a mom, have a mom, are related to mom, or know a mom.


12 responses to “Various and Sundry Stuff

  1. The cavern cardi is great- very cute, and the fit and color are very flattering. I have everything for that skirt, and I’ve just been avoiding it. I should pull it out and start up. Maybe I’m still a bit knit skirt-fobic. I can’t wait to see yours.

  2. Love the tie front on the acid green cardi! Looks great on you! Happy M.Day.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a great weekend. Your Pond Scum cardi looks great on you. Great color!

  4. Cute cardi! Love the pond scum color. 🙂

  5. Your cardigan looks great! Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you’re having a great one celebrating with the Sweeties.

    Cavern = Awesome. I’m always so impressed with how great your intuitive knitting turns out. Kudos!

    Your post cracked me up. Old lady’s butt? Hahaha.

  7. Your Cavern came out great! Too cute 🙂

  8. Love Cavern! It looks great on you!Can’t wait to see the skirt. I’ve given up on mine for now.

  9. That cardigan looks fantastic on you! The color is wonderful!

  10. Love it!!! Your Cavern is beautiful on you! And it’s a very au courant color too. The 3/4 length sleeves are the perfect touch!

  11. I *love* the cardi on you! It looks fabulous. And it’s my favorite color. 🙂

  12. FABULISHIOUS sweater. I love that color and the fit looks perfect to me.

    Nice knit cleaning going on over there. Can’t wait to see Indigo Ripple.

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day and got showered with love and presents of yarn.

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