Thursday WIP Report and a FO

I finally have a FO to share, along with the usual WIP Report. This is a baby sweater for a friend who may have popped by now. I decided to add single crochet around the edge to spice it up a little. Here are the before and after photos. I’m such a crochet-tard that I really needed help on starting it up and finishing it correctly. Thanks Madge for the help!

Project: Easy Baby Cardigan #4 by Diane Soucy/Knitting Pure & Simple
Yarn: Pakucho Organic Cotton, 4 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 7
Start: April 20th
Finish: May 3rd

Thoughts: It’s my fourth one. Enough said.

Indigo Ripples is finally done, but not quite. It grew a bit in length, probably from the weight of it. I just washed it, set it on the blocking board to dry and now it’s too long. I’m going to rewash it, pop it in the dryer and see what comes out. I might have to turn the top edge over to make a casing to shorten the skirt to the most flattering length. Fingers crossed. The change in fabric was a bit amazing. When I knit it up, it was quite slubby, which I really enjoyed. Once I washed it and laid it out to dry, it straightened up and became a true lady, nice and finished with a little bit of shine. I miss the slubbiness though.

Picovoli continues to grow at a snail’s pace. The yarn is stretchy and gripy and doesn’t slide easily. For the sake of my knitting group, I might have to abandon this project, so they don’t hear me whine about it the entire time. Or just work on it at soccer practices and games. The blue is slightly duskier than the color in the picture. I’m tempted to give in to the desire for a quick knitted sweater, like Chickami, with some aran weight yarn though.

Sweetie Girl’s softball team won the championship game this past weekend! The game was on Sunday in 100 degree heat. We expected the game to end after 1 hour 45 minutes, which is how all of the regular games have lasted. But no, since some idiot (probably a non-knitter muggle and I’d bet money it was a man) decided that championship games must be played for 6 innings. These kids played for 2 and a half hours that afternoon. You could see all of the moms of the 8 year olds in the stands just bristling at this stupid rule and wanting to drag their daughters into the shade. At least it’s over for now. This was her first season playing, and we’re lucky it ended on such a positive note. Congrats to the Blue Jays!

10 responses to “Thursday WIP Report and a FO

  1. That’s so interesting about the Indogo Ripples yarn! I bet a good roll in the dryer will fix things right up πŸ™‚

    Yay for Sweetie Girl! Boo for dumb rules.

  2. Aw, cute baby sweater πŸ™‚ And your skirt looks nice – that’s one of the few knitted skirts that looks really great I think. Hope the dryer fixes it!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for Indigo Ripples- let us know what happens! The baby sweater is really cute!

  4. Ha ha, our baseball league was the same. They threw out the time limits for championship games. Only difference is I liked that rule!

    Tell SG I said congratulations!!

  5. Cute baby sweater. I see why you can’t stop making it. The skirt looks great. I hope you can save it from the land of unloved, unworn handknits.

    Congrats to Sweetie Girl. πŸ™‚

  6. the crochet edging really finishes the sweater nicely- very cute.

    Indigo Ripples looks great. How much growth did you get? I hope it wasn’t too much! Congrats to SG- one of our soccer teams went 0 for the season, so a championship seems amazining!

  7. Super cute baby sweater. I LOVE the crochet edging, it really adds a nice touch.

    I had to wash (in hot) and dry my Indigo 3 times to get it to fit even remotely right due to post finishing “Growth”.

    WOOHOO sweetie girl……that’s awesome!!

  8. Super cute baby sweater.
    Indigo Ripples looks great. I’ve always wanted one but I haven’t even swatched!!
    Well done to Sweetie Girl.

  9. Love the baby sweater. So cute! And, I just put it in my Ravelry queue. πŸ™‚

  10. Can’t wait to see what Indigo Ripples looks like finished – it seems like you knit that one up really quickly! Which yarn is it again?

    Congrats on the baby sweater – crochet-tard is one for the lexicon for sure! Love that!

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