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In with Summer and Out with Spring

Summer Solstice brought the Summer of Lace knitalong with our knitting group. Everybody has chosen their own projects, a scarf, a shawl, or a sweater. I eagerly cast on Hanami, a pattern I’ve been eyeing for two years, and Madge and Silvia are joining in to make it a Hanami threesome.

Hanami twins meeting for the first time

This Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud is frothy stuff

I’ve been intimidated by Hanami for so long, because of its charts (before I learned how to read them), the number of different charts, and its sheer beauty. I realized I needed to adjust my perspective on it. I got excited about the project by thinking of it as a series of small lace projects instead. No longer will I be bored by 25 repeats of the same chart. (I keep telling myself this and I hope it works!)

The coming of Summer means, of course, the end of Spring and our knitting group’s Spring Cleaning kal. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to finish up some languishing projects, and that’s just what I did. The Indigo Ripples Skirt was the first to be completed, and I’m still over the moon about it. The second project is the Ribbon Shell, which Silvia and I started as mini kal back in January 2007. She finished; I didn’t… until this kal. It’s too warm to wear it right now, so now modeled photo. Maybe in Fall?

Project: Ribbon Shell by Linda Niemeyer
Yarn: Artful Yarns Fable, 3 skeins
Needles: US size 8
Start: January 2007
Finish: May 2008

Thoughts: Why did this one take so long for me to finish? Seaming and picking up stitches, that’s why. I had one go at the seaming and finishing it about a year ago, and it sucked big time. I redid the seams but lost steam when it came time to pick up the stitches, so into the corner it went. However, I am not one to let projects go unfinished (I kinda have a thing about closure in my mind, I guess.), so I knew it was time to tackle it again for the Spring Cleaning kal. And as the story usually goes, I can’t believe I waited so long to finish the darn thing. I picked up the stitches for the neck and arms, finished them off and just had to find the right ribbon. This isn’t my ideal choice for a ribbon, but it was the best that I could find at one of the crappy JoAnn’s near me. The other store is even crappier.

It’s a bit big on me, so it’ll have to be paired with a cotton button shirt, which will be a perfect look for Fall. Fingers crossed, of course.

Too Hot!

Well, it’s official now. Today, it was officially too hot to knit for me. I never thought I buckle under the heat but I did. Of course, if I was sitting inside air conditioning, I would have been stronger, or less affected. As it was, I was sitting outside at swim lessons in the shade, working on the Rose Garden Stole with that wolly pile on my lap. I. Couldn’t. Do. It. Tomorrow is supposed to be 101, just like today. I’ll keep my hopes up that I’ll have more indoor time. Keep your fingers crossed for cooler So Cal weather!
Since my knitting looks exactly the same as the last post only longer, I’ll give you these food pictures instead.

It’s Sweetie Boy with an oyster on the half shell. And yessirree, he downed that little puppy. We went to a Japanese Buffet restaurant to celebrate my nephew’s high school graduation. Sweetie Boy was quite curious about the oysters, watching his uncles, aunt and cousin eat them. So he decided to be adventurous. My brother and sister say he chewed it way more than they did, and swallow it, he did. He said he didn’t care for it, but I’m proud of him for being open-minded enough to try new foods! Did I eat one? Nope, and probably because I don’t care much for the taste of cooked oysters. Maybe next time.

Solvang Sojourn

Yesterday, My knitsisters and I went on a yarn crawl to Solvang. We’ve talked about this trip for two years now, and it was high time to hit the road. Before you get too excited, here’s the disclaimer: I have NO pictures for you. I got a bad case of camnesia, and was just too into the moment to be bothered taking pics. I’m sure Madgik, Sknitty, Annette will post pics very soon, so be sure to check them out. Hmmmm, I might nab a coupla their pics for my own. 🙂

Just think… yarn, danishes, salt water taffy, crepes, fudge, quirky danish town, beautiful drive, great weather. We had all that and more, and when you share it with your lovely knitterly friends, it was the perfect day.

We went specifically to Solvang to visit Village Spinning and Weaving. Smallish shop but stuffed to the gills with great stuff, and I’m not into spinning and weaving either. In addition to the spinning wheels, roving and various accoutrement, they have great yarns purchased from mills that they sell without traditional ball bands. I especially love their Hot Foot yarns, 100% superwash wool in hand-dyed, variegated colors. I didn’t pick any up this time, since I already have three ginormous skeins in stash.

In fact, in honor of our Solvang yarn crawn to Village Spinning and Weaving, I picked out the blue/purple/green skein of Hot Foot, caked it up, and cast on for Hattie’s Rose Garden, a stole/scarf pattern by Briar Rose Fibers. This was the project du jour for the drive up and back. I think the pattern shows off the color variegation beautifully.

I’ve been trying quite hard, and succeeding IMHO, in knitting from the stash this year. As a result, my yarn purchasing has been quite tempered, and yesterday was no exception. Oh, I definitely lived vicariously through others’ purchases of indie dyed wool, luscious Louet Euroflax and squooshy Khroma and enjoyed them tremendously. I finally got sucked into the corner cave of cotton cones, and emerged with cones of cotton fingering weight destined to become a Razor Cami. Annette helped me choose this color, a light shade of teal (sooooo not my usual color choice) which is called Duck. I had to do a double take on the label because at first glance, it looked like it was called Dude! I think the name ultimately made my decision for me. When I cast on for the cami, that’ll have to be its name… Duuuuude! The first cone I had picked up with almost 1400 yards, definitely more than I need, and the proprietors were kind enough to dig around for a smaller cone. 700 yards – score!


All in all, a tame post for a brilliant day of knit sisterhood. Thanks gals!

Indigo Ripples Finally!

I’m stressing with tons of end o’ the year school stuff, and promised Madgik I wouldn’t spend a ton of time blogging. BUT, I had to present the final shots of the Indigo Ripples Skirt.

Hello, I don’t know what to do with my arms and shoulders when I’m standing for a picture.

See my new sensible sandals? I call this my crunchy, granola look.

This is my butt shot. How embarrassing!

The lace part up close and personal.

Project: Indigo Ripples Skirt by Kat Coyle from Interweave Knits Spring 2007
Yarn: Tahki Laguna 2000, 5 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 4
Start: September 2007 (Cast on at the Yarn Harlot’s LA Library event)
Finish: May 18, 2008

Thoughts: I love this skirt! I was worried it wouldn’t fit after washing it, but after two times through the washer and dryer, it was perfect! It could be a tad shorter, but I think it’s fine. The ruffle at the end makes the skirt nice and swingy. I never did find that perfect blouse with it, but the white t-shirt worked just fine. I’ve already scheduled my next Kat Coyle skirt for my August vacation knit. It’s the Lace Panel Skirt from Greetings from the Knit Cafe, and I’m using Ella Rae Shibu. Silvia is joining me for another bi-coastal kal. Care to join us?

(I just did some weird key stroke that I can’t remember, and now my fonts are messed up and the typeface looks weird. Ack!)