Solvang Sojourn

Yesterday, My knitsisters and I went on a yarn crawl to Solvang. We’ve talked about this trip for two years now, and it was high time to hit the road. Before you get too excited, here’s the disclaimer: I have NO pictures for you. I got a bad case of camnesia, and was just too into the moment to be bothered taking pics. I’m sure Madgik, Sknitty, Annette will post pics very soon, so be sure to check them out. Hmmmm, I might nab a coupla their pics for my own. šŸ™‚

Just think… yarn, danishes, salt water taffy, crepes, fudge, quirky danish town, beautiful drive, great weather. We had all that and more, and when you share it with your lovely knitterly friends, it was the perfect day.

We went specifically to Solvang to visit Village Spinning and Weaving. Smallish shop but stuffed to the gills with great stuff, and I’m not into spinning and weaving either. In addition to the spinning wheels, roving and various accoutrement, they have great yarns purchased from mills that they sell without traditional ball bands. I especially love their Hot Foot yarns, 100% superwash wool in hand-dyed, variegated colors. I didn’t pick any up this time, since I already have three ginormous skeins in stash.

In fact, in honor of our Solvang yarn crawn to Village Spinning and Weaving, I picked out the blue/purple/green skein of Hot Foot, caked it up, and cast on for Hattie’s Rose Garden, a stole/scarf pattern by Briar Rose Fibers. This was the project du jour for the drive up and back. I think the pattern shows off the color variegation beautifully.

I’ve been trying quite hard, and succeeding IMHO, in knitting from the stash this year. As a result, my yarn purchasing has been quite tempered, and yesterday was no exception. Oh, I definitely lived vicariously through others’ purchases of indie dyed wool, luscious Louet Euroflax and squooshy Khroma and enjoyed them tremendously. I finally got sucked into the corner cave of cotton cones, and emerged with cones of cotton fingering weight destined to become a Razor Cami. Annette helped me choose this color, a light shade of teal (sooooo not my usual color choice) which is called Duck. I had to do a double take on the label because at first glance, it looked like it was called Dude! I think the name ultimately made my decision for me. When I cast on for the cami, that’ll have to be its name… Duuuuude! The first cone I had picked up with almost 1400 yards, definitely more than I need, and the proprietors were kind enough to dig around for a smaller cone. 700 yards – score!


All in all, a tame post for a brilliant day of knit sisterhood. Thanks gals!


5 responses to “Solvang Sojourn

  1. I had camnesia as well as those first couple shots šŸ˜¦

    Great day!

  2. CAMNESIA! DARN! I was counting on you to get some pix of those cute Danish buildings and some sugar cookies with yarn!

    Love the blue/purple thingy.

  3. That was such a fun day! And your stole/scarf is much longer now than it was Sunday morning!

  4. I need to get up to that shop! I’m trying to stay away until I can really afford a wheel, but one of these days!

  5. It sounds like you guys had a great time….and nice score with the cone of DUDE!!

    Loving Hattie’s Rose Garden…..great yarn choice!

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