Too Hot!

Well, it’s official now. Today, it was officially too hot to knit for me. I never thought I buckle under the heat but I did. Of course, if I was sitting inside air conditioning, I would have been stronger, or less affected. As it was, I was sitting outside at swim lessons in the shade, working on the Rose Garden Stole with that wolly pile on my lap. I. Couldn’t. Do. It. Tomorrow is supposed to be 101, just like today. I’ll keep my hopes up that I’ll have more indoor time. Keep your fingers crossed for cooler So Cal weather!
Since my knitting looks exactly the same as the last post only longer, I’ll give you these food pictures instead.

It’s Sweetie Boy with an oyster on the half shell. And yessirree, he downed that little puppy. We went to a Japanese Buffet restaurant to celebrate my nephew’s high school graduation. Sweetie Boy was quite curious about the oysters, watching his uncles, aunt and cousin eat them. So he decided to be adventurous. My brother and sister say he chewed it way more than they did, and swallow it, he did. He said he didn’t care for it, but I’m proud of him for being open-minded enough to try new foods! Did I eat one? Nope, and probably because I don’t care much for the taste of cooked oysters. Maybe next time.

8 responses to “Too Hot!

  1. It is very hot! It just doesn’t put you in the mood to work with wool. Congratulations to sweetie boy for being adventurous!

  2. Yikes- 101 is not knitting weather, even with cotton. Can you even imagine life without a/c? How anyone ever lived in FL pre-ac is just amazing to me.
    Don’t you love to see your kid eating adventerously? I always feel a bit smug when my kids pile their plates with foods they’ve never tried before, while other kids are looking for nuggets!

  3. You get the award for knitting outside in this heat. Good god, woman, did your fingers melt?

    Stay cool!

  4. That’s way impressive about Sweetie Boy!

    I’m also impressed that you even attempted to knit outside, on anything but a cotton sock, in this heat. Ack! It was 102 in my car leaving work yesterday. I am just crossing fingers the AC doesn’t go down this weekend!

  5. This kind of weather calls for crochet! One needle, less contact with the wool…yes, that’s why I crochet when it’s hot out. Luckily, it was only in the 80’s here in Mid-City LA.

    Sweetie Boy is getting cuter and cuter. Yes, my nickname of “Sweetie Hunk” is becoming true!

  6. It is getting too hot to knit! I was baking when I tried to take pictures of my knee highs last night 🙂

    I have to say, I’m hugely impressed with Sweetie Boy’s adventurousness. Amazing 🙂

  7. Yep, it’s hot up here too!

    Sweetie Boy is adorable. 🙂

  8. Yeah, the heats kicking my butt too. When Jim’s not looking I crank the air down so I can sit and knit wool…..

    OMG!! What a brave eater Sweetie Boy is….that’s crazy!

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