In with Summer and Out with Spring

Summer Solstice brought the Summer of Lace knitalong with our knitting group. Everybody has chosen their own projects, a scarf, a shawl, or a sweater. I eagerly cast on Hanami, a pattern I’ve been eyeing for two years, and Madge and Silvia are joining in to make it a Hanami threesome.

Hanami twins meeting for the first time

This Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud is frothy stuff

I’ve been intimidated by Hanami for so long, because of its charts (before I learned how to read them), the number of different charts, and its sheer beauty. I realized I needed to adjust my perspective on it. I got excited about the project by thinking of it as a series of small lace projects instead. No longer will I be bored by 25 repeats of the same chart. (I keep telling myself this and I hope it works!)

The coming of Summer means, of course, the end of Spring and our knitting group’s Spring Cleaning kal. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to finish up some languishing projects, and that’s just what I did. The Indigo Ripples Skirt was the first to be completed, and I’m still over the moon about it. The second project is the Ribbon Shell, which Silvia and I started as mini kal back in January 2007. She finished; I didn’t… until this kal. It’s too warm to wear it right now, so now modeled photo. Maybe in Fall?

Project: Ribbon Shell by Linda Niemeyer
Yarn: Artful Yarns Fable, 3 skeins
Needles: US size 8
Start: January 2007
Finish: May 2008

Thoughts: Why did this one take so long for me to finish? Seaming and picking up stitches, that’s why. I had one go at the seaming and finishing it about a year ago, and it sucked big time. I redid the seams but lost steam when it came time to pick up the stitches, so into the corner it went. However, I am not one to let projects go unfinished (I kinda have a thing about closure in my mind, I guess.), so I knew it was time to tackle it again for the Spring Cleaning kal. And as the story usually goes, I can’t believe I waited so long to finish the darn thing. I picked up the stitches for the neck and arms, finished them off and just had to find the right ribbon. This isn’t my ideal choice for a ribbon, but it was the best that I could find at one of the crappy JoAnn’s near me. The other store is even crappier.

It’s a bit big on me, so it’ll have to be paired with a cotton button shirt, which will be a perfect look for Fall. Fingers crossed, of course.


8 responses to “In with Summer and Out with Spring

  1. Oh, knitting lace with a chart is much easier than written-out instructions! Especially if you use a post-it to mark your row. Just position it so that you can see the rows below your current row. Have fun!

  2. You’ll do great with Hanami!

  3. Good luck with Hanami – I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  4. You and Madge are my lacy inspiration!!! Gotta go check out the Hamani on Ravelry in a sec.

    Ribbon shell looks wonderful….can’t wait to see some modeling.

    I’ve noticed that I sometimes put a project on the back burning, only to return to find things much easier…..guess that’s what experience does for us.

  5. Your Hanami is going to look great! I really love your Ribbon Shell too. Very cute.

  6. Yay for finishing the Ribbon Shell! It turned out really pretty. You totally rocked our Spring Cleaning KAL.

    Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling seeing our Hanamis hanging out together.

  7. Hanami is such a lovely pattern….

  8. Your Ribbon Shell rocks! It will look super cute with a button down shirt underneath.

    Hanami is going to be so purdy. I’m lovin the soft pink color.

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