A Snail’s Lace

I’m well into my knitting group’s Summer of Lace knitalong, and things are crawling along. Of the five current wip’s I have on Ravelry, I realized all of them are lace. Hmmmmm, I’m sensing a trend here. Some have been abandoned from six months ago but I still consider them active. Huh, might have to rethink the definition of active.

I’d be making much better progress on three of the active projects for this knitalong, if I didn’t have to tink or rip out so many rows on each. Yep, each project.

I just finished the second repeat of Hanami; I’m the slow one of the Three Laceketeers. On July 4th, I must have spent about three hours trying to figure out a mistake, laddering down, losing a stitch, and having to tink about three rows. Ugh. I still have to decide if I’m going to do five or seven repeats of the basketweave chart. It just looks like pink thing right now, but it looks beautiful when I stretch it out a bit with my hands.

The story is basically the same with the Razor Cami. Not hard at all, but you definitely have to pay attention or else you end up like me. Tink back three or four rows to fix the little boo boo. This one is my social knitting project, since it’s the easiest of the three. Not saying much but at least I’m making some progress. It’s growing a little bit. I still try to stretch it out every so often to see if it’ll fit around me, but I can’t tell because my cable is too short. Of course, I could put it on a bigger cable and try it on, but that would require work. ‘Nuff said.

Last but not least of the lace projects is Liesl, my impulse cast on. I love the summery, lacy look of this sweater. I’m using Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton in a plum color for it. I was lured by the finished Liesls on Ravelry and the comments that it only took three days or so. Hunh, I’m going on one week and I’ve got about half to go still. Same story, knit three rows, rip back three, count the stitches, get to the correct stitch count, knit three rows, rip back three et cetera. I think you get the idea.

I’m just going to have to live the motto from “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl,” the movie Sweetie Girl and I saw this weekend: “Don’t let it beat you, kid.”

Okay, trying not to. Good thing I have the rest of the summer for this knitalong.

6 responses to “A Snail’s Lace

  1. Aww sucks that you’re having a bad run of knitting luck! Just think, soon you’ll be finished with all three, then you’ll have back to back FOs to show and everyone will think you’re a knitting MACHINE!


  2. That’s definitely the bad part of lace knitting, all that potential tinking. You’ll get there!

    As for WIPs, no matter how long it’s been there, if I plan to finish it, really in my heart, I still think of it as a WIP 🙂

  3. Don’t you hate it when knitting kicks your ass? I do. Maybe you need a nice, simple stockinetter to balance all the lacy angst? Oh, and Liesl looks great.

    Re. Hanami: I’m on repeat # 7, and the basket weave can’t end soon enough. Keep on trucking!

  4. Um yeah, you should see how often I have to tink back lace! But, the results are so worth it. And, lifelines do help. I must say though- you have some pretty great lace projects there! Keep at it! 🙂

  5. YIKES!! All lace all the time!!! You’re a very brave knitter. Everything is looking fantastic. Here’s sending good lace vibes our way!!

  6. Pretty projects! Liesl is gorgeous. I hadn’t seen that pattern before. Love the color (of course). 🙂

    I’m at an impasse with my projects. All of them require focused attention that I haven’t felt like giving. Seaming, learning to crochet, etc. So I’ll be casting on my lace project this week.

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