Pity Party is Over!

I realized afterwards of course that my last post was such a whine-fest, and I apologize. The Pity Party is now officially over! I got tired of screwing up, so decided to buckle down and Focus with capital “F.” That means, I put stitch markers in between the repeats on Liesl to help me along. And it also means I stuck with Hanami a bit more and actually finished one whole repeat in a span of a day or so. To celebrate, I have a FO to show. It’s Liesl!

Project: Liesl by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton in a plummy color, about 3.3 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks Options US Size 11
Start: July 2
Finish: July 18

Thoughts: I made this sweater to wear over camis during the summer, and it’s perfect for that. I’m tempted to frog my Retro Redux Shrug and make another of these using a denimy blue Cotton Patine (that is very splitty) because I can see a lot of use out of this. I made no mods but found my gauge tightened up quite a bit. I didn’t fit right before blocking, so I soaked it for about 12 hours and then pinned it out. I don’t usually soak projects for such a long time, except every time I would check on it, I would see lots of purple in the water. I’d change the water and walk out and check back again when I remembered next. Finally, after the 7th time or so, I put a bit of vinegar (apple cider vinegar was all I had in the cupboard), and no more bleeding after that.

I also want to make one from wool, probably 3/4 sleeves, and will probably go down to size 10 needles and knit the next size up. I blocked this one a bit more than I expected, and while the fabric is drapey and airy (perfect for summer), I’d like the next one to be a bit more dense. There are a ton of beautiful finished Liesls on ravelry, so be sure to check them out for inspiration. Finally, I give you a picture of my back. I love how the lace lines up and runs down in columns.
The linebacker view.
Thanks to Patty for the pics and to Marie for the tacking-on-the-ribbon-ties tips!

11 responses to “Pity Party is Over!

  1. It’s beautiful on you! Great color too.

    It makes me re-think that one. It is perfect for over cami’s!

  2. I love it!! You don’t look like a linebacker, but I always feel like one too from the back view.

  3. Beautiful! It looks great on you. You are a knitting machine (or you have one hidden in your house that you’re not telling us about). 😉

  4. Looks great, Mary!

  5. Love it!! Great job and I’m glad you persevered. Beautiful FO.

  6. Looks great on ya! Yay for summery FOs you can use right away.

  7. It looks great on you Mary!! Glad you pushed through it.

  8. Very pretty! See, lace can be your friend. Glad to know this one inspired even more lace work. (I’m up to 3 repeats done on H.)

  9. Pretty, Pretty!! Purple is definitely your color, this looks great on you.

    Thanks for the tip on putting vinegar in the water to stop the bleeding…..never knew that!!!

  10. Very pretty! Looks cute on you!

  11. Cute! And what a great summer knit!

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