The One Where I Forgot to Give it a Title

It’s been almost a month since I last posted and I didn’t realize it had gone that long. Thanks to those of you who have stuck around. I went on vacation but before that, just was too busy or distracted to post. Bad knitter! Bad blogger!

I went away to summer camp and you won’t believe what I did there. I learned a new crochet pattern, and all they had there to learn on was… red heart ack!rylic. The pull of the crochet was too strong, so I had to give in and use the stuff. However, as soon as I had learned it, I tossed it aside for some bright green kitchen cotton. I whipped up a couple of dish cloths using this pattern and gave it to our friends’ kids. Bad news is I had camnesia. I just love finishing projects and gifting them right there and then. When I do a couple more, I’ll try to be good and take pictures.

This is Gary, who helped run the Arts and Crafts at camp, and my crochet teacher. He is a crochet and weaving madman and because of him, I’m hoping to do a bit of weaving on a loom at next year’s camp. He’s always working on a crochet project, and this is his latest charity blanket. In return for his crochet skills, I told him about a little thing called ravelry. Hopefully, he has had time to check it out by now. Gary, be prepared to lose days of your life, once you get your ravelry invite.

My project du jour while on vacation was the Lacy Skirt with Bows by Kat Coyle from Greetings from the Knit Cafe. I’m using Ella Rae Shibu, a nubby silk with shiny rayon ply, in a pale rosy pink color. Silvia and I had agreed on another cross continent mini kal, and I’m trying really hard to actually finish this one in the same season as she. On our last mini kal, she finished the sweater, wore it, frogged it and reknit the yarn into a different sweater, before I actually finished mine. Embarrassing, really. I hope not to be humiliated again, since I’m the one who keeps asking her if she wants to knit projects with me.

After doing the much necessary ravelry research on the pattern, I decided to copy Lilybeth and knit the skirt in the round, not flat in two panels as directed. I knit the six lace panels individually, joined them, and continued in the lace panel for two more repeats. I’m just about done with the panel, and about to start the eyelet portion. Jury is still out on whether or not I weave in ribbon and tie cute little bows on the skirt. It might be a tad too girly and distracting for me.

Single lace panel

All six panels ready to be joined

All together now

A better close up of the lace

Since I’m back from vacation, this means it’s soccer tournament marathon time and back-to-school prep, but not before one last picture of our family trip to Disneyland yesterday with the cousins.


11 responses to “The One Where I Forgot to Give it a Title

  1. Yayyy! Mary is crocheting! That diagonal stitch is one of my favorites! I use it all the time for shawls, dishcloths, etc.

    Where did you throw that white acrylic?

  2. Super cute skirt! I vote for the bows. If you don’t want so many, you could put one one each side.

    Looks like you’re having a fun summer. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Ooh – you’re crocheting too! Sounds like you had a great time at camp!

  4. Sounds like a fun camp! That skirt is going to be so pretty!

  5. Pretty skirt! I like it, glad you’re back to the blog!

  6. Lady Misty Morn

    *gasp* Red Heart, did you beat yourself with it?

  7. Welcome back! I see you’ve taken up the pastel baton and are running with it now…pretty, pretty skirt. So romantic and girly. It needs a ribbon. And bows. What the heck.

    Yay for Gary and his amazing crochet. Love how you’ve corrupted him with Ravelry.

  8. I’m going with the side bow- one, maybe 2, if I’m feeling crazy. The pink yarn is lovely. I’m on panel # 6, and then I’ll join the back 3, finish them, and then join the front for knitting in the round.
    Glad you’ve learned to crochet! It’s pretty fun, and a great break from knitting. Glad to see you survived a disneyland trip – looks like everyone had fun!

  9. Yay you’re back! Crocheting is fun – I have a blanket that I work on every once in awhile. I love the lace panels – can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  10. Sounds like a very fun camp you attended. Good for you learning some crochet, it will compliment your knitting well.

    LOVE the skirt, it’s going to be wonderful in that cute pink color. Bows vs no bows…….hummmmm that’s a tough question. I hear what your saying about the “too girly” thing, but then again…why not??

    Wishing you lots of knitting time in between soccer games.

  11. Another knitted skirt! Looks like it will be cute.

    Get crochet, in spite of the red heart. Looks like you really got the hang of it!

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