In the Absence of Knitting

Knitting is feeling like the stepchild around our household lately. Kids, back to school stuff, soccer tourneys, visiting family, all are contributing to the lack of attention on my knitting. I’m still working on the Lacy Skirt with Bows. Just an inch into the stockinette part, and it already feels like I’m slogging through the stockinette. I went down a needle size to 4s for the stockinette and it’s going quite slowly. I work on it at our nightly soccer practices, weekend games/tourneys and my occasional knitting group. Can someone please remind me why I thought a second knit skirt was a good idea?

With the lack of knitting progress, I thought I’d distract you with other pictures. Sweetie Boy was a sweetie this afternoon and helped me make dinner: meatloaf! Ever since Madge has gotten into the crockpot thing, I’ve been interested too. Marie pointed us to a crockpot recipe a day blog. I had mixed results with some of the recipes, so I went back to a cookbook I already have, Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook.
I dumped all the ingredients in, while Sweetie Boy put away groceries. (Note: he’s not usually this helpful, only when he’s motivated to get stuff done so we can have time to buy new sneakers for him for school. But beggars can’t be choosey!)
He squished all the ground beef together with the other ingredients, and we tossed it into the crockpot for 3 hours.
I dumped a bunch of ketchup on it, warmed up some leftover mashed potatoes, cooked green beans in the micro for 3 minutes, and instant meal was done! Not bad if I do say so myself!
Please ignore the crumbled up piece on the plate. My plating skills suck.
To reward ourselves and since it’s the end of summer, we made stovetop s’mores. Of course, they are not as good as roasting them over the campfire, but these were definitely good enough.
Here’s to hoping for more knitting progress and pictures in the next post.

6 responses to “In the Absence of Knitting

  1. S’mores. Yum. I’m tickled you’re crock potting, too.

    Enjoy the last days of summer with the sweeties!

  2. The kids went back to school on monday (and are already home for the first Trop storm of the season- Fay is teasing us, and refuses to appear). I start teaching this monday – yikes!
    My skirt is about 2/3 done- half way through the stockinette, and it’s a slog!

  3. You’re knitting a second skirt because the first one came out fabulous and looked great on you. Keep knitting!

    Just reading about your s’mores makes me want one. Yum!

  4. That crockpot dinner looks fab!! And those S’mores!! YUMMO!

    Don’t worry about the knitting down time……life is all about phases, soon the weather will cool down and knitting will be back on your radar…….as for reminding you why your knitting a second skirt…..DUH!! Because it will be sooooooo darn cute on you!!!

  5. I just discovered the joys of the crock pot!! I started out slow with a premade frozen meal that goes into the crockpot in the morning and cooks in there for 8-10hours. Next I decided to buy some cookbooks for the crock pot. I’m all about anything I can throw into a pot at 7 am and eat at 5:30.

  6. Meatloaf in a crockpot? Huh, who woulda thunk? I may have to try that since turning on my oven raises the temperature of the kitchen by at least ten degrees!

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