Today is the first day of school. My reaction? HURRAY! I need some alone me time.

Sweetie Boy is a middle schooler now. He got picked up at 7:15 this morning for his zero period band class. No more taking him to school on the first day. He caught a ride with his friend. No more lunch boxes. Brown bags only, I am told. So much to learn and so much little boy stuff I’ll miss. Sigh.

Sweetie Girl is still in elementary school but acts like a high schooler. Sigh. She’s sportin’ the Britney Spears look. I am very afraid if her future is an inkling like Britney’s.

BTW, I did not buy her those boots. They were a gift and now they are her FAVORITE.

Thanks for the good luck you sent to the Sweeties for their soccer weekend. It worked! We had a double champion household this weekend. I couldn’t make it to Sweetie Boy’s tourney, so the bad picture is courtesy of Sweetie Hubby’s camera phone.

Hoping to resume knitting soon. I miss it. Maybe that’s why I’m so crabby. Nah, I’m crabby even when I’m knitting.


9 responses to “Back-to-School

  1. The Sweeties are growing up quickly! I do love SG’s boots – gotta find me a pair.

    Hope you get some knitting done soon.

    Ps – Congratulations for being soccer champs!

  2. You’ve had quite the busy summer and deserve some alone time, IMHO. SG looks good sportin’ that new look. Congrats on their soccer wins!

  3. You’re not crabby. Just…busy. Hopefully when the back to school dust settles into routine you’ll be able to hit the yarn with a vengeance. Yeah.

  4. Okay, the little sweeties are too damn cute! Have fun getting back to knitting!

  5. Those boots are killing me! I can’t let C see them, or she’ll be dying for her own pair. (she’s the one who will wear boots in 98 degree, 95% humidity weather!).

    My middle schooler is still sporting the lunch box, but it’s definitely an eye opener!

  6. Your kids are soooo cute! Love SG’s outfit.

  7. Wow, I wish I had so much style at such a young age. So cute, but growing up too fast!!

  8. Congrats to the Sweetie soccer champs….Oh, and I love those boots!!! I think it’s cool she has a sense of style so young.

  9. Yeah for the quiet time. Hope you all have a great year!!

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