We’re easing back into school, which is a good thing because it means more knitting time for me. I felt that familiar “ooh-shiny” feeling of excitement to impulsively cast-on the Basic Chic Hoodie by Bonne Marie Burns with some cotton fleece in stash. And then I talked myself off the ledge. I remembered, I had Ariann, another Bonne Marie pattern, in the snoozing pile, and I was itching to dig her out and start her up again. I guess that means I’m ready for cool weather and sweaters.

Before I could give myself over to Ariann, I knew I had to finish up my Lacy Skirt with Bows. I didn’t want Silvia to be the only one who finishes projects when we have our bicoastal mini-kals. Check out how ooh-la-la! she looks in her skirt. So I dug in and dug myself out, and another knitted skirt has emerged. My gauge was off from the beginning, and this one looked small from the get go. It’s being stretched on the rack , er, I mean, blocking aggressively now after a long soak. Fingers crossed that it’ll fit better than sausage casing (sorry for that bad mental image). Here she is being pinned to within an inch of her life.

And here’s Ariann. It took me a while of studying the pattern to remember the repeats, but I stuck with it and worked through my confusion. It’s a bottom up pattern, and I’m at the waist increases. The wool is oh so nice to work with after weeks of working with the raw silk of Shibu.

Have a great weekend and I hope you get some knitting done.


6 responses to “Revival

  1. Crossing my fingers that you like the way your skirt fits. The color you’re using for Ariann is gorgeous. Hooray for more knitting!

  2. The skirt is fantastic, I hope it fits too! Did you decide on bows or not? I’ve been eying that pattern and don’t know if I would do the bows or not. I saw one that just had a nice satin ribbon threaded into the eyelets, but no bows, that looked pretty cute.

    I love the color of Ariann, can’t wait to see it.

  3. The skirt looks fab- I hope the fit is just what you want (and you must post pics). I’ve had Arianne on my to do pile for ages. If I can get through my WIps, I may join you…

  4. Yeah, sausage casing isn’t a great look, is it? Here’s hoping your pretty skirt fits okay. *knocking on wood*

    Yay for Ariann becoming a WIP again. Such a pretty design. Though I think you should cast on the hoodie too. Just because.

    Happy weekend! I shall be working on the bats. And maybe winding my Laci for Cleite. (and maybe starting Cleite?)

  5. Two knitted skirts in one summer, you’re ready for fall! It looks really pretty!

  6. The skirt looks great. I love the colour. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it fits!!

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