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She’s a-dryin’ out

Ariann is done and she’s a-dryin’ out. No, no problem with alcohol. At least I don’t think so. I did the very focused and almost manic weave-in-the-ends-and-sew-up-the-seams finishing this morning, so I could quickly toss her in the bath. Before her bath, I tried her on quickly for fit and measured her. The bust grew eight inches just from the dunk! That’s a good thing because it was too tight. Now I hope she won’t be too big. I don’t remember the swatch doing that but I swatched over 14 months ago so I don’t remember. Naturally, I didn’t take any notes on pre and post blocking gauge measurements. Fingers crossed she’ll be dry and fit in time for Thanksgiving.

She’s all stretched out here on the blocking board. Taking these pictures from way up high is always kind of interesting. I can get a better feel for proportion and I wonder if the collar is too long. The pattern calls for four inches, but on the rav boards, there’s a few who have made them longer, anywhere up to eight inches total. Probably too long and floppy for my shrimpyness, so I went with five inches. We shall see. If it’s too long, I’ll have to convince myself it’s worth the effort to rip back to four.

Finally, I can turn to some holiday gift knitting! If only I knew what to make. Maybe a dumpling bag or two or three?


Faced with the frustration of Ariann (still!), I decided I needed some instant gratification, so I impulse casted on for the Felicity cap. I love its slouchy-ness and boho feel, and let’s not forget its very quick-to-knit nature.

Project: Felicity by Wanett Clyde
Yarn: Mirasol Miski in lavender, 1 1/2 skeins
Needles: Knitpicks Classic Circulars in US size 5 and 7.
Start: November 2
Finish: November 11

Even though I’m usually a loose knitter, the cast on edge was a bit too tight, but that’s because I am of the big head family. Next time I make this, I’ll cast on with size 6s instead. I followed the directions and made no mods, and love how it turned out. The yarn, 100% baby llama, was very soft, but a tad splitty. If only I had a full head of hair to really rock this this hat. Sweetie Girl seems to love it, but then she loves anything. However, it’s already been sent to Sweetie Niece in Virginia where they’re experiencing a bit of a cold snap from what I understand. And she has tons hair with its own great curl and wave. So jealous. She’s 15, can definitely rock the boho look, and likes purple. Perfect!

Peace out, everybody.


I am not a very political person. At all. For those that know me, they are snickering right now because that is such a complete understatement. I wouldn’t say I’m apathetic either. I just don’t enjoy politics and the inherent conflict and resulting divisiveness. However, this election surprised me by making me interested, and moreover, by how much it interested the kids.

Sweetie Girl was asking so many really good questions, up until the day of the election. She asked to go vote with us, and walked away proudly with her “I Voted” sticker. She asked where Obama stood on Prop 8, and I was proud to tell her it was the same as our viewpoint. (That’s right. I am definitely “No on Prop 8!”) Last night, while following the campaign on our drive home from soccer practice, she was counting down the minutes until our polls closed. Then she surprised me by asking if we could drive by our polling location to see if people were still voting. We all cheered when we heard that Obama was announced as our 44th President. My little future voters witnessed global history in the making and wanted to be, make that, were, part of it. For me, that is heart-warming.

While I am deeply happy and satisfied with the victory, I am equally saddened (and a bit appalled) to hear that California voters approved a ban on same-sex marriages. Our world would be so much better if people stopped telling others how to live their lives.

Okay, end of political rant. You will probably never read my political opinions again, because I might never experience such strong political again. Thanks for reading, and if you like, you can politely agree to disagree. Really. Just don’t leave me any hair-flouncing huffy messages, kay?

As I promised, here are the basic birthday cowls I made for Freezing Niece. Yay! I actually have FOs to show.

Project: Dolores Park Cowl by Parikha Mehta
Yarn: Mmmmmmalabrigo Worsted in Buscando Azul, less than 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks classic 16″ circulars, US size 8
Start: October 24
Finish: October 27
Thoughts: Love it, love it, love it. Super soft and squishy. Color bled a lot in the bath, but a bit of vinegar cleared that right up. This pattern originally uses Malabrigo Chunky, but I wanted to stash dive and knit. I followed JenniferLang’s worsted version. This one is definitely a knit-again; in fact, I just bought some Malabrigo Chunky in Lettuce (my favorite color of theirs) to make another.

Project: Chickadee Cowl by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky in a Grey and White twist, less than 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks classic 16″ circulars, US Size 11
Start: October 27
Finish: October 29
Thoughts: I love the look of this cowl with variegated yarn, but with this yarn, not so much. The yarn, which is usually super fluffy and soft, compacted quite a bit to make a dense fabric because of the linen stitch on the pattern. I started on size 10 needles, and went up to 11s. Stash diving again, I chose the alpaca because I knew it’s the warmest of natural fibers and that’s what Freezing Niece right now. I actually took a scarf that I had crocheted and frogged it for the yarn. Then I wound it up and steamed it to get the kinks out before knitting it. I would knit this one again, but only with some color. This looks like a dud, but check out the different versions on rav before forming your opinion.

Project: Cherry Garcia by Adrian Bizilia
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Creme, less than 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks classic 16″ circulars, US size 11
Start: October 30
Finish: November 1
Thoughts: I love the beautiful cabling on this project, especially with this cream colored yarn, again stash yarn. However, this was the project that cramped my style, literally, and caused pain in my arms that I have not felt in a looooooong time. But I have forgiven it because I think it’s gorgeous. Definitely would knit this again, but on bigger needles.

I gotta pack these up now and ship ’em off. Have a great week!

Out of Shape

Hello. So glad you’re still here checking this site for any odd word from me. I apologize for not posting for a while. Things got busy, yada yada yada. It seems even my knitting took a slight break.

I’ve been working on Ariann, while sneaking behind her back and obsessing about starting new sweaters, cowls, caps, and wristwarmers. I have to admit I’m not in love with Ariann anymore. I’m having a tough time with my shoulder decreases while maintaining the decreases in the lace simultaneously. Of course, I could have done an internet and ravelry search to find out what other people have done. But, in the end, I was just too lazy.

You know how when you think you’re going to run out of yarn so you knit faster? This was the exact opposite. I wasn’t sure what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I was doing; I didn’t like how the decreases were looking next to each other; I didn’t like being in confused, chaotic state, so my knitting slowed to a crawl. Then, I justified working on some quick knit cowls as birthday gifts for my Sweetie Niece who is in upstate NY freezing her patootie off. Let’s just say the lack of knitting has taken a toll on me.

On Saturday, I knitted more hours than I have for quite a while… through my Mom’s doctor appointment, Sweetie Girl’s soccer game and a quiet afternoon. I finished the last of the cowls using some stash Lamb’s Pride Bulky on size 11s. Wow, did they hurt my hands. After that was bound off, I cast on and later finished a soccer beanie on size 7s for Sweetie Girl’s teammates. (Did I mention that I was crazy enough to think of knitting matching soccer beanies for all eight girls, plus one for the coach? Two down, seven to go.)

That night before dinner, I noticed my forearms and hands were really tired, and figured it was the knitting. So I popped a couple of tylenol. After dinner, I felt like a complete wimp/loser because my arms and hands were throbbing. Two advils, an ice pack and a few hours later, and the pain finally subsided. Yowza, I haven’t felt pain like that in a while. I guess I have a new goal. Get back into knitting shape! Now, if only I can conquer Ariann, I’ll be on my way.

Before I go, here’s the last little bit I wanted to show you. Melanie of Lotus Yarns sent out our first shipment of the Big Ass Yarn Club (I love the name and it’s so perfect for me!). It’s two skeins of Nirvana Worsted in the colorway bliss. Nice and soft and in fall muted tones. I’m thinking of the Herringbone Neck Warmer. Ahhhh, bliss… just what I need.

I’m making an effort to get back on the blogging badwagon. I’ll post those fos in the next few days.