Faced with the frustration of Ariann (still!), I decided I needed some instant gratification, so I impulse casted on for the Felicity cap. I love its slouchy-ness and boho feel, and let’s not forget its very quick-to-knit nature.

Project: Felicity by Wanett Clyde
Yarn: Mirasol Miski in lavender, 1 1/2 skeins
Needles: Knitpicks Classic Circulars in US size 5 and 7.
Start: November 2
Finish: November 11

Even though I’m usually a loose knitter, the cast on edge was a bit too tight, but that’s because I am of the big head family. Next time I make this, I’ll cast on with size 6s instead. I followed the directions and made no mods, and love how it turned out. The yarn, 100% baby llama, was very soft, but a tad splitty. If only I had a full head of hair to really rock this this hat. Sweetie Girl seems to love it, but then she loves anything. However, it’s already been sent to Sweetie Niece in Virginia where they’re experiencing a bit of a cold snap from what I understand. And she has tons hair with its own great curl and wave. So jealous. She’s 15, can definitely rock the boho look, and likes purple. Perfect!

Peace out, everybody.

10 responses to “Felicity

  1. Very cute hat. Sorry Ariann is giving you fits. What’s happening?

  2. Sweetie Girl looks good in anything! The color of the hat is yummy! Nice work!

  3. Very adorable!!

  4. Heh. You need dreads. Cute cap.

    Peace out back.

  5. So perfect for Sweetie Girl, but alas it was not to be 🙂 She’s too cute!

  6. Super cute! I think Sweetie Girl needs one, too. 😉

  7. Sweetie girl is rockin that look……I think she may need one of her own. What a gracious model she is. Love the hat and the color is great!

    Sorry about Ariann still giving you fits….she’ll come around eventually

  8. It looks terrific! The yarn looks so great with it.

  9. Super cute! Along with the cowl, it should help keep your niece nice and toasty. I agree with Ellen, Sweetie Girl looks good in everything.

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