Happy 2009!

Well, it has been well over a month, since I last posted. Apparently, the old adage, “tempus fugit,” applies around here. What have I been doing since the end of November besides celebrating and preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years? Why, the usual stuff of course. End of season soccer league games, volunteering at school, and the usual bit of knitting. I don’t want to bore you all at once with the FOs, so I’ll drizzle them in a little here and there. (Read: when I can actually get pictures of the FOs that I finished, wrapped up and gifted right away without snapping a pic.)

Let’s focus on the here and now, shall we? Our knitting and ravelry group began our Feel like a Fl00zy cast on. For one whole week, we shall cast on any projects that catches our eye with reckless abandon. Definitely no wip loyalty this week. So far, I have cast on one each day, but I hope to really get my fl00zy on as the days go by. Sadly, I might have to be responsible and work on one late Christmas present, but I’ll think of it as sobering up and falling right back off the wagon.

Here are what Days 1, 2 and 3 look like so far:

Day 1 – Ingenue from Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits book in Needful Yarns London Tweed

Day 2 – Fiddlehead Scarf by Anne Hanson in Sweet Georgia Yarns Cashsilk

What caught my eye originally about this pattern is the unblocked scrunchy version that Anne showed on her blog. Squooshy, soft, cashmere and silk around my neck. Couldn’t get much better.

Day 3 – Clapotis by Kate Gilbert in Handmaiden Sea Silk

I know it looks like a thong, but I Promise you it isn’t.

I’m trying to use this as an opportunity to knit with some of the super special yarn that I have accumulated, as well as start up some sweaters that have accumulated in the queue. I’m trying not to plan too much, which is quite hard for me, and just enjoy each and every moment. Interested in letting go and living like a fl00zy? Give it a try. I promise I won’t tell.


5 responses to “Happy 2009!

  1. I really like that Ingenue pattern too. It’s going to look great on you in that color. I wonder what I have in my stash that would work for this. Hmmm.

    That Sweet Georgia does look Sah-weet!

  2. i have really flunked at being a floozy!! You are so good at it!!

  3. Happy New Year, ya hussy. At least ya ain’t a cheap one.

    Floozy on!

  4. Thong was exactly what I was thinking… I also cast on for one of Anne Hansen’s patterns. Good stuff to floosy around with, all of it!

  5. Happy New Year, Mary!
    I’ve been loving Ingenue too. So cute! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

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