Manly Knits

I made manly knits this year as gifties, mostly beanies and one pair of wristwarmers. Of course, I didn’t take pictures of the beanies for the Sweeties’ soccer coaches, but hopefully, I’ll get pictures as soccer gets back into gear.

Project: Hat Fit for a Brother by Stephanie Nicole
Yarn: Kathmandu Aran in dark blue, 1 skein each
Needles: Knit Picks Classic 16″ Circulars in US size 8
Start: The week before Christmas
Finish: The day after Christmas

Thoughts: For my brother and one of my brothers in law, I made them these hats, even though they are far from being my boyfriend. So I had to rename the hats to be called the Hat Fit for a Brother. Creative, aren’t I? The yarn surprisingly has a stringy feeling to it, but it makes such a luxurious fabric. The pattern was easy peasy, 2×2 rib. You know how I love to make beanies. Together, they made a win win!

Since I ran out of time knitting up gifts, I asked another Brother-in-Law what he’d like for his knitted Christmas gift. (You see, if I don’t have enough time to knit up a gift beforehand, you get a gift from me to open on Christmas and a knitted gift hopefully completed that week. He asked for wristwarmers, so I made these for him.

He posed for the FO picture, and when I turned down the cuffs and asked him to pose manly, this is him being a true guy. I loved it!
Project: Axel Mitts by Blue Garter
Yarn: Cascade 109 in Jet, 2 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks Options in US size 9s
Start: December 27
Finish: December 28

Thoughts: An easy pattern, I just bought some olive colored Lamb’s Pride Chunky to make another pair for an East Coast friend. For some reason, I came up with one extra stitch at the thumb gusset on the first pair, but BIL was fine with the design mod. I washed them the morning they were flying out, blocked them onto empty water bottles, and set them out in the sun. When they weren’t quite dry at departure time, we stuck them into a ziploc baggie and they flew home with him. I love how the finger part folds over in a cuff for more freedom, or unfolds for extra warmth. This one is definitely worth making!


6 responses to “Manly Knits

  1. Great manly knits! Those wristwarmers do look cozy. I’m gpong to add these to my queue.

  2. Your brother-in-law is hilarious and very manly! Ugh.

    Whenever I ask Larry to model a manly knit he either holds a hammer or a beer! LOL

    Nice work!!!

  3. …and when I ask Tom for a manly pose he pulls his pants up to his chest, slouches, and shuffles up to me saying, “Eh?” Which is why I never posted about Cobblestone.

    Your BIL photo is a crack up. Boys.

    Glad the Kathmandu worked out for ya. šŸ™‚

  4. Love the manly hand pose! That’s hysterical! Nice manly knits too!

  5. Love these FOs. I must check out that wrist warmer pattern, I love how it folds down.

    Oh, and very funny manly pose, I LOVE it

  6. Those are wonderful knits! Happy New Year to you!

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