Final Day of Fl00zy

Day 7 of our Fl00zy Cast On knitalong has come and gone. I realized I didn’t show you my final official project, so here it is:

Exciting, no? It’s Bianca’s Jacket by Michele Rose Orne and I’m using Berroco Denim Silk which is discontinued but I managed to snatch up in a flurry of frenzied searching on ravelry. Directions for the pattern have you make the back and fronts separately, but I’m going to knit those all at once. Wish me luck, because I know I’ll need it. I’ll also try to wing some other mods, such as lengthening it and knitting the sleeves in the round also.

I managed to finish my first Fl00zy cast on project, Toasty. I’m waiting for the camera battery to charge so I can take a modeled FO picture of it. Pics to come soon! As soon as I bound off on Toasty, I cast on for a Mistake Rib scarf with some Lamb’s Pride Bulky and Noro Kochoran.

This scarf is intended for my brother in law. He came to Christmas Eve at our house sporting his tiny Irish Hiking Scarf I made for him in 2005, I think. It was tiny because, perhaps this sounds familiar, worsted weight wool-ease on size 8 needles goes oh! so! slowly! and I wanted to finish that puppy as quickly as possible. So it came out too short. If nothing else, I have learned that knitting on size 10s with bulky yarn knits up faster. Waaaaay faster.
Have a great week!

5 responses to “Final Day of Fl00zy

  1. A fine finish of flooziness! Bianca is going to look fab in that color.

  2. I’m very excited to see Bianca! Let me know how you like the denim silk. I think one of our LYSs has a stash of it.

  3. Bianca is so feminine and romantic; what a lovely knit! And you’ll rock the mods.

    What’s happening to us? You with the LPB, me with the Mmmalabrigo, both of us groovin’ on the joys of bulky yarn…it’s crazy around here, I tell ya, crazy.

  4. I just realized something! We’re going to China in march and it’s going to be in the 50’s. I can bring SCARVES!!!

  5. Love the color of the denim silk! That Bianca is going to look so pretty on you! It is for you, right? Not for me…? he, he!

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