Happy Inauguration Day!

Today was the first of many tough decisions ahead. I decided to skip pilates class in honor of watching the Inauguration. The sacrifices I make… say no more. I’m glad I did. My sister and her family actually attended and here’s a picture she sent.

T, do you mind if I use this picture on my blog? Thanks!
Photo by dimsumknitter’s sister

I’ve been bored bored bored working on the Mistake Rib scarf so I switched to Ingenue. We’re going on a Brownie camping trip in the mountains at the end of the month, so I thought a new wool sweater would make the idea of a it a little less painful. I’m at the final ridge rows at the bottom before binding off. I think the cowl at the top will be too small, so it might be a regular cowl, instead of tacking it down per the pattern.

This weekend began the first of a long series of soccer weekends for tourneys, friendlies, State Cup and Cal Cup. Luckily, Sweetie Boy’s team won their tourney.

We had temps in the high ’80s this weekend, as you can tell from his pink cheeks. I know in other parts of the country temps are in the negatives. Stay warm and safe. Sweetie Boy is definitely due for a haircut. My friend calls it mon chee chee hair after some toy doll in the 80’s, I think. Cracks me up but it’s true, I think. Fingers crossed that Sweetie Girl’s team will put up a good showing at next weekend’s tourney.

5 responses to “Happy Inauguration Day!

  1. It must have been very exciting to be there (although so cold). Hope your sis and her family had a great time.
    How cold do you expect the mountains to be? Any chance that sweater will be done b/4 you leave? Congrats to SB!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how far along you are on Ingenue! I think you can get it done in time for the camping trip.

    So cool that your sister got to be there yesterday!

  3. Happy (belated) Inauguration Day to you, too! How cool that your sister was actually there yesterday!!

  4. Wise choice! You’ll remember watching that forever, but you would have forgotten the pilates class pretty quickly!

  5. Chee chee hair? Are you sure she wasn’t comparing his head to a Chia pet? Cha-cha-cha CHIA!!

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