A Few FOs and Stuff

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Sweetie Boy. I thought the most exciting part of his birthday would be the new cell phone we got him. He walks about a mile to and from school everyday, so we thought it would be a good idea for him to have one (even though he was one of the last of his 10+ friends to get one). But no, this is what he was most excited about.

That’s right. Sitting in the front seat. He is gleeful with a capital G when he remembers and gets in. And then he loved that he could see so much through the front windshield, pushing all the buttons (remember… 12 or 2?), and playing with the radio. Perhaps there should be a recommended maturity age for front passengers, but then that might put a lot of our spouses and significant others in the back seat. Hmmmmm, might not be a bad thing. Something to think about.

I have some recent FOs to show. First up are the Toasty wristwarmers that were modeled by the lovely Annette. Thanks Annette for being a wonderful model. Toasty was a fl00zy cast on, so this is the first completed fl00zy project. Very proud, I am.

Project: toasty by leslie friend
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere, 3 skeins in green, leftover scraps in pink
Needles: Knit Picks Options in US size 5, a’la magic loop
Start: January 6
Finish: January 11
Thoughts: I love everything about these. The cashmere feels like velvet after washing, and the color makes me smile and feel all cheery inside. Too bad my daughter likes to swipe them from me and put them on.

Mods: I did a provisional cast on but followed the rest of the pattern. Then, I used up all of the rest of the green cashmere to pick up the stitches at the provisional cast on and Use It All Up. They’re a bit long, but I wear them scrunchy around my wrists. Great pattern. A definite must make, especially in cashmere. But then I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a pair in tweed either.
My quick knit for this weekend was… a pair of socks. Surprise! I haven’t made socks in about a year, I think. Lenores were the last from what I remember. Sweetie Girl and I are going on a Brownie Camping Trip in the mountains where it will be cold cold cold for us Southern Californians. I decided she needed some wool socks, so I whipped up a pair last weekend using some worsted weight yarn. She loves them and I got to practice on a plain vanilla pair, which I hope to do lots of in 2009.
Don’t her feet look big? Well, that’s because they are, but I made these with room to grow too.
Project: Basic Sock Pattern by Ann Budd
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino, 2 skeins in some purpley pink that I’ve had in my stash for over 2 years.
Needles: Knit Picks Options in US sizes 4 and 5, a’la magic loop, with a little bit of dpns thrown in to mix things up a bit
Start: January 24
Finish: January 26

Thoughts: I have sock yarn coming out of my… ears (okay, let’s try to keep this family friendly) and I’m determined to get some sock knitting done this year. However, I’m not ready to start back with size 1 needles (Sorry T. Your Christmas socks might have to wait a bit longer.) I decided I needed to learn a sock recipe, like the Yarn Harlot’s, and not be a slave to the pattern. So I consulted the Yarn Harlot’s Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules and Ann Budd’s Basic Sock Pattern from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and did a bit of both. I’m feeling comfortable enough that I could follow the Harlot’s recipe in the very near future, but I’m also tempted to try the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks – No Swatch Needed by Charisa Martin Cairn. Either way, I’ll use up some of that BMFA Socks that Rock Heavyweight for some house socks.

The only real mod I did was the Eye of Partridge heel which I’m pleased with except you can’t see them really well in this picture. Or maybe I didn’t do them right? Oh well, they’ll be inside boots so I think it’ll be just fine thank you very much. They were fun to do so I will definitely incorporate this heel again.

Lastly, I’m on the last half of the second sleeve of Ingenue. I’m hoping to have it done also in time for the camping trip this weekend and if all goes as planned (although it rarely ever does), I hopefully will be warm in handknits. I’m getting a lot of curl on the edges, so I might have to take the iron to her. Let’s hope she is cooperative and not in need of torture.

Have a great rest of the week!

6 responses to “A Few FOs and Stuff

  1. “Very proud, I am.” …was that a Yoda reference?

    I coulda used a pair of those cute wool socks this week. It’s been getting down to the high 50’s here in Hawaii. Houses here were not built to deal with that kind of weather. It’s actually colder inside than it is outside!

  2. Happy Birthday SB!

    Catching up on blogs now 🙂 Your mitts and socks are both lovely! And yay – you’re almost done with Ingenue. The more I see of those the more I want to make one next!

  3. HEHE! Sweetie Boy looks very happy.

    Love those mitts! I bet they are super soft and luscious.

    Nice work on the socks…..soooo quick!! I love doing vanilla socks..very satisfying and portable, plus great for all that sock yarn you have.

    Hope the sweaters done in time to keep you warm on your camping trip

  4. Great post! Great smiles, great FOs, great progress on your WIPs…all around great.

    Have fun on your camp out! (hope it goes better than the last)

  5. Great mitts and socks, and Ingenue looks great. 12 is the age for the front seat? We’ve been hedging on that one. We’ve been using the “you aren’t yet 70 lbs” excuse, but it will become invalid sortly. I like the age limit. She’s still cell phone free too, much to her extreme annoyance.

  6. You’re lucky I gave Toasty back to you. I was tempted to make a run for it. It is cashmere, afterall.

    A pair of socks in 2 days?! I am very impressed. Love the color too.

    Have a great time camping!

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