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Catching Up

I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do with you.  Ignoring the fact that I didn’t blog for about two months, when I tried to blog over the last two weeks, I couldn’t. So Frustrating!  And I even had stuff to say.  Which may not be saying much. Anyhoo.

I worked on my February Lady Sweater a bit in early February, got distracted of course, and now I’m back to it. The green of this Dream in Color Classy is incredible, and while I love the vibrancy of this semi-solid yarn, I can’t help but wonder if it’s detracting from the lace pattern.  Perhaps I just need some perspective and to see it far away.


In the meantime, I took a detour on a couple of socks and a stole during February. I’ll post about the stole when I have pictures, but here’s the other stuff.


This is one half of a pair of Los Monos Locos or Toe-Up Monkeys, as they’re called. I had this yarned pulled out and started for a sock with a picot edge but lacked inspiration, so I frogged it. I then repurposed it for the Monkeys, and finally finished the one. Only problem is I can’t find the other skein of this yarn for the other sock. Gah! I have tossed and turned my stash but to no avail, so it’ll have to sit patiently by until that skein turns up. BTW, if anybody happens to have an extra skein of Koigu KPPPM in color #211, would you be so kind as to sell it to me?

ETA: I found the other skein of koigu last night. Squeeeeee! And promptly cast on for the toe.

This year, I have begun my quest to conquer the toe-up heel flap sock, I’ve been trying different patterns. It’s time to actually knit with the burgeoning stash of sock yarn and no better time than the present.  I used some bright orange yarn that I got from the Yarntini sock club, which I didn’t think I ever used. However, I ended up loving the whimsy of the bright, dare I say neon, orange.


Project: You’re Putting Me On by Judy Gibson

Yarn: Yarntini Semi-Solid Sport in Fuzzy Navel, 1 skein

Needles: Addi Turbos 24″ circular in US size 3, a’la magic loop.

Start: February 19

Finish: February 22


Thoughts: I liked this heel for the most part, except when I had to pick up stitches along the turned heel edge. It wasn’t so bad on the knit side, but the purl side was a bit of a drag. I think the yarn is a bit loose on these size 3 needles, and in the future, size 2 is the way to go.  Not that I have anymore of this yarn but it’s a good thing to file away in my brain in case there’s a next time. The only mod I did was using Turkish Toes, which I really love doing. There is something so satisfying about making that little toe from nothing. As for the leg, it was straight up 2×2 rib, and they’re a bit loose and slouchy.  Next time, I’ll have to decrease a bit before starting the rib, and one more next time, make the foot a bit longer before starting the heel.  The directions said three to three and a half inches shorter than the foot length. They were a squoosh too short, but the superwash yarn relaxed in the wash and it’s better now.


Here’s an oldie I’m dusting off for you. It’s Ariann which I actually finished back in November but never got around to posting.


Project: Ariann by Bonne Marie Burns

Yarn: Cascade 220 in teal, 5 skeins

Needles: Knit Picks Options in US sizes 6 and 7

Start: September 2007

Finish: November 21, 2008


Thoughts: I really love this sweater, only I have to block it again because there’s too much gap when I button the three other buttons. The color is great; the yarn softened up beautifully. It’s a great go-to sweater for anything. The only mod I made was knitting the collar longer. The only frustration I had, which was a big one, was maintaining the lace pattern and stitch count while doing the shoulder decreases. I think I ended up with one shoulder having a couple more stitches than the other, but oh well! I can’t tell in the fit at all.


Wishing you a stress-free rest of the week, and if you’re one of the many lucky ones who are at Stitches West, please buy lots of yarn vicariously for me, kay?


So glad you have found me here. I was having horrible problems with Blogger, where I couldn’t access my account. So, I decided to move here. Please be sure to mark this new location on your reader, and thanks for sticking with me.

It’s a Beautiful Day

I started to title this post “Rain, Glorious Rain” only to realize that it should be followed up with “Sun, Glorious Sun.” That made me think about how beautiful it is right now in Southern California. Sunny, cool crisp temps that make for perfect sweater weather. I just can’t complain about it. It is a Beautiful Day, and I hope yours is too.
Since I owe you the FO picture for Ingenue, here it is. First, let me say how much I love wearing this sweater because it is soft and warm, but how much I hate how chunky I look in it. I really don’t want nice comments from you nice readers about awww, it’s not really. It’s okay; I accept it. I still love wearing it. Okay, here here it is.

Project: Ingenue by Wendy Bernard from Custom Knits
Yarn: Needful Yarns London Tweed in green, 9 skeins
Needles: Susan Bates Silverado circular needles, US size 8s
Start: January 1
Finish: January 29

Thoughts: The first of the fl00zy cast on with my knitting group, this is the second of the batch that I’ve finished. Mind you, finishing projects it not a requirement of the fl00zy cast on, but I liked this sweater so much that I decided to. The pattern was extremely easy to follow, and the fit is perfect. I didn’t try this sweater on at all during the increases and decreases, even though I attempted to with a very long cable needle (don’t ask). I blindly knit along with the confidence that it would all work out in the end, and I’m so happy to say that it did.

After the sweater was finished, I toyed with the idea of keeping the cowl long, instead of pinning it down, but after playing with it a bit, decided the open cowl neck really makes the sweater. Its vintage look is what appealed to me from the beginning. The ends of the body and sleeves curled something crazy, but a nice steam blocking relaxed the fibers beautifully. It was a thrill to watch the fabric relax with the steam and lay nicely. I made no mods and highly recommend this pattern. However, you could save a ton of time by knitting the stockinette portions and picking up and crocheting the ridge pattern at the neck and sleeves. This sweater is definitely a thumbs up.
Since it’s February and everybody’s doing it, I’ve picked up my February Lady Sweater. The DIC Classy has a nice worsted feel to it and is just rustic enough to give you a good feel for the yarn.
Here’s my lastest mindless knit, cast on in a reckless fashion too, One Skein – A Stole! (English Version) by Katja Jordan. I’m using some Noro Kureyon Silk Garden Sock yarn I picked up at a sale just for this project. I really love the olive greens with the black, and although I’m not a typical blue wearer, I think the colors will be really versatile yet uniquely me. Uh, what does uniquely me mean exactly? I dunno, but it sounded so good in that sentence, even though rather pretentious.
The second picture is bluer than it really is. I think the blues are more teal than denimy.
I finished my sister’s socks and shipped them off. I’ll wait for her to receive them before I put up the picture of them and do the final write up. I also did a tiny secret project that will be revealed at a later time. That’s all for now. Have a great week!

Return from Wilderness

The Brownies and I returned from the Wilderness, alive and unscathed, and Ingenue survived it too! I finished her up Thursday night at about midnight, and steam blocked her on Friday. Wow, was that fun! Watching the stitches relax and straighten out was like magic before my very eyes. The ends curled quite drastically but the steam blocking worked wonders. It was ready to be folded up and smooshed into the weekend duffle bag. I had the inspiring idea to get my co-leader and co-knitter, Pam, to take the FO picture of it while camping. Too bad we never got around to it. This is the only shot I got of it from group picture, and I cropped it. I’ll try to get a better, “official” FO picture of it but this will do for now.

Please excuse my crazed look. This was after two full days with twelve 8-year-old girls. We were almost done and ready to head home. I think you understand now.

My project du jour during our camping weekend was a plain toe-up sock. I worked on socks throughout the year in 2007, and in 2008, I made only one or two pair. It was time to try to learn a toe up sock without being a slave to numbers. I really wanted a recipe, similar to the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe. I found the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks – No Swatch Needed by Charisa Martin Cairn on ravelry and this was the time to try it. It features a no wrap short row heel. It intrigued me so I gave it a shot with some stash yarn, STR Heavyweight in Nodding Violet. It’s a little wide on me, but these will be for my sister as a late Christmas gift, and I think they’ll fit her fine. I have to cast on for the second one tonight to get started.

With the fun steam blocking of Ingenue on Friday, I pulled out some other FOs that were ready to go and blocked them. What fun! I have a scunci steamer, purchased on sale at Target with a 10% off coupon, and this baby has earned its keep and then some.

Sweetie Niece’s late Christmas gift, the Republic Hat, got a steam shot and relaxed beautifully. I just have to wrap it up and send it off to Ithaca, NY where it’ll get some use in those freezing temps.

Project: Banana Republic Hat Knockoff by metaphysical_muse
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky in Lavender, 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks Options, US sizes 8 and 10
Start: December 31
Finish: December 31

Thoughts: I love the vintage-y style of this hat and will be perfect in the cold NY temps. I bought this yarn at my very first yarn crawl with my knitting group at a now defunct store. I’ve never had the right project for it, until now. I’m glad the alpaca will be well-used.
Mods: I made it longer so it would cover the ears more. That’s it. If you haven’t made one of
these, you definitely should. Super cute, super style!

Project: Child’s Rainbow Scarf by Joelle Hoverson
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Roasted Coffee, 1 1/2 skeins, and Noro Kochoran Natural, 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks Options, US size 10
Start: January 11
Finish: January 21

Thoughts: The mistake rib was fun at first, especially the color changes, until it got too bulky to work with. Then I let it sit for a bit while I played around with other projects. Followed the pattern but chose yarn to man it up a bit, as it’s for my brother-in-law. This is a surprise replacement the teeny tiny Irish Hiking Scarf I made him years ago. No mods, other than knitting it really long and then steam blocking it so it grew longer. He’s tall, so the goal was to make it long enough so he could wear it Parisian like. I hope I get a picture of him in it one day, but don’t hold your breath!