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More from the CrouTon

I finished up the second Boy Beanie crochet cap and had to show it off because I think it’s kinda cute. Not challenging, mind you, but still cute.










The designer, Laura Killoran, put out a second version of the Boy Beanie to minimize the gaps in the seam. I came across it in rav, so be sure to look for that one. It definitely minimized the seam although it didn’t bug me in the first one.  That second picture is just because.

Project: Boy Beanie V2.0 by Laura Killoran

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Limelight (less than a third of the skein) and Purple Haze (I think)

Hook: Size G

Start: April 11th

Finish: April 12th

Thoughts: Super easy and can definitely be done in half a day, if even that. I really downsized this one, so it would fit Sweetie Girl’s head. I used the lighter weight yarn and dropped the hook two sizes down. I though it looked toddler-sized but then it fit SG perfectly. Perhaps SG has a toddler-sized head? I don’t really know but I’m not gonna sweat it. If the hat fits, wear it. That’s what she wore to school this morning. I must say that tie-dye tshirt fits in perfectly with the beanie giving her the boho look. Don’t think that’s an accident with her though. She’s very purposeful with her style these days.

















Lest you think I’m only crocheting, here’s the snail’s-pace proof that I have been knitting. It’s minor progress on the Whisper Cardigan. I’m just at the halfway point across the back. See the vertical line on the lower picture? That’s the shaping of the cardi, achieved by switching down to size 2 needles. Crazy fun. I’m back to facing 11 more stockinette inches before doing something exciting, like join to knit in the round and then increase.



Further Adventures of a Cro-Tard

My knitting group decided last week on our summer knitalong project. Last year, it was the Summer of Lace. Brings back images of sunsets at the beach, surfboards, dogtown, doesn’t it? This year, it’s the Summer of Crochet. See the sweat starting to trickle down my face and onto my neck yet? Do you see the tic starting on my eyelid?

My name is Mary and I’m a Cro-Tard. Or you could call me a CrouTon. Whichever you prefer. I’ve tried crocheting before and I swear; it almost ended my friendship with Madgik. Pushed her to the edge.  I figgered I better get practicing before I alienate all of my knitter/crocheter friends.

First, I had to get Ravelry time-sucked into the crochet patterns. Find a few that seem easy enough. Check. I decided on this Granny Squares Scarf by Lion Brand. If you know me well, that in itself is a hoot because I am not the biggest fan of Lion Brand. Or even the teeniest fan of the LB. But I liked this pattern, so moving on. Dug out the Plymouth Encore to practice on. Again, another hoot because I am one big ole’ yarn snob who turns her nose at ack!rylic. Dug out the set of Boye crochet hooks and began. I did a sample of the three motifs. And all in all, not too shabby. I made a mistake in the first square, but I figured it out, so I won’t do it again in the “real” square. I seamed them up in an ugly fashion, and Sweetie Girl promptly decided she wanted them for a mini-lovey. Sure!  Here’s the proof that I can actually do a granny square or three.




































Feeling emboldened and wanting to double check that I was double-crocheting correctly, I dug out my Stitch ‘N Bitch: Happy H00ker book and decided to try my hand at the Boy Beanie. I used my leftover Patons Classic Wool and finished it in a day. My gauge is a bit loose. The hat ended up being about 21″ in circumference, when it should have been 20″. Not only am I a loose knitter, I’m also a loose crocheter. 
















Project:  Boy Beanie by Laura Killoran

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool, less than half a skein of the green and a teeny bit of the grey

Hook: Boye Size I

Start: April 9th

Finish: April 10th

Thoughts:  I enjoyed making this because it was just easy enough to give me a bit of confidence. Plus, I love me some hats. Yessiree. I brought it with me when I took the kids to the beach for the day to visit friends. It was perfect social crocheting. After posting it on rav, I found that the designer has an improved version 2.0 which minimize the gaps at the “seam.” Sweetie girl wanted this one, but I told her I would make her one with some stashed cotton fleece in bright green with purple stripes. I’m going down 2 hook sizes, so hopefully this will not come out baby sized. Sweetie Girl wants a hole at the back for her pony tail, but I don’t know how to put one in… yet. Not sure if I’m brave enough to tackle that just yet. 


I’m still plugging away at the Whisper Cardigan. It’s going as quickly (or slowly, depending on how you look at it) as a lace-weight cardigan is expected.


Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!

Rushing to yoga seems a bit ironic, doesn’t it?

I have about 16  minutes before I told myself I would leave the house for yoga class this morning. So of course, I decided to post because it has been too long since the last.  Nothing like a little challenge, huh?

I finished the February Lady Sweater but all I have to show today is the pre-blocked photo. I’ve blocked it and it grew just the perfect amount. Methinks it’s time to get me some buttons. I was worried about it not closing in front, but after careful research (read: looking on Ravelry at the 394 pictures of other versions using DIC Classy), I’ve decided that’s how it’s supposed to look.  Please excuse the dorky expression. Seems I look cromagnon when I’m concentrating on taking a self-photo.








Exciting news, well at least for me, on the toe up heel flap sock front! I turned the second heel this weekend on the Simply Lovely Lace socks without the instructions. That’s a big Woot Woot! because that’s getting one step close to where I want to be with my sock knitting. Easy, carry along projects without having to follow a pattern. Knitting down some of the sock yarn stash, I’ve decided, is also an admirable goal for this year. Here’s the unexciting picture of it. Unexciting because it looks like the first sock, but that’s a good thing. It’s always helpful if the socks look like each other. I’ve decided that socks can be matchy-matchy. Not too much else though. 






 I finally got my Malabrigo Lace in the mail after waiting for what felt like an eternity and promptly swatched for the Whisper Cardigan from the new IK. I had to go down two needle sizes but it’s working. I’m on the first sleeve in neverending stockinette but I’m loving how it’s knitting up and how the semi-solid blue is so subtle.








Oops, it’s 9:01. Time to run! Have a great rest of the week.