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I finished up the second Boy Beanie crochet cap and had to show it off because I think it’s kinda cute. Not challenging, mind you, but still cute.










The designer, Laura Killoran, put out a second version of the Boy Beanie to minimize the gaps in the seam. I came across it in rav, so be sure to look for that one. It definitely minimized the seam although it didn’t bug me in the first one.  That second picture is just because.

Project: Boy Beanie V2.0 by Laura Killoran

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Limelight (less than a third of the skein) and Purple Haze (I think)

Hook: Size G

Start: April 11th

Finish: April 12th

Thoughts: Super easy and can definitely be done in half a day, if even that. I really downsized this one, so it would fit Sweetie Girl’s head. I used the lighter weight yarn and dropped the hook two sizes down. I though it looked toddler-sized but then it fit SG perfectly. Perhaps SG has a toddler-sized head? I don’t really know but I’m not gonna sweat it. If the hat fits, wear it. That’s what she wore to school this morning. I must say that tie-dye tshirt fits in perfectly with the beanie giving her the boho look. Don’t think that’s an accident with her though. She’s very purposeful with her style these days.

















Lest you think I’m only crocheting, here’s the snail’s-pace proof that I have been knitting. It’s minor progress on the Whisper Cardigan. I’m just at the halfway point across the back. See the vertical line on the lower picture? That’s the shaping of the cardi, achieved by switching down to size 2 needles. Crazy fun. I’m back to facing 11 more stockinette inches before doing something exciting, like join to knit in the round and then increase.




5 responses to “More from the CrouTon

  1. Hat #2 is super cute too! Love the pics of SG. Is that her mean face? 😉

    Sounds like Whisper is the perfect project for social knitting.

  2. You’re making great progress on Whisper. And SG is such a cutie in her boho beanie. See – the crochet hook is your friend.

  3. I’m so glad you’re finally seeing the great benefits of crochet! It’s fast, easy and satisfying. The beanie looks great on SG.

  4. Happy easter to you too. No, the kids didn’t eat the chocolate nests!!
    The crochet beanie looks great especially on the super cute model. I’m looking forward to seeing your Whisper Cardi, as it’s on my list too.

  5. I want one! Love the colors.

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