Why I Love These Project Bags


Warning: This post may seem like a shameless plug for these knitting work-in-progress bags, but they’re not. They’re just pretty darned cool and I wanted to share the love. Who doesn’t love the perfect project bag?

Lately, I seem to be acquiring project bags at a clip, not quite as fast as yarn, mind you, but definitely at a noticeable pace.  I  have tried a lot of different project bags. I have two go-knit pouches which I like. I have WIPs in them now so I needed more. I have two project boxes, one from piddleloop and the other I can’t remember where (probably from the yarntini club). I also have WIPs in them, I think, but I never fell in love with the box bags, even though they’re gorgeous. Perhaps I’m too anal to like to smoosh them down into my bags.Or maybe the zipper catching the yarn bugged me. Or maybe they’re a tad too big for socks. I also have two smaller sized camping ditty bags from REI in the same nylon fabric as the go-knit pouches. They were a bit too thin and too tall for my preferences though. Recently, I picked up one of the Pretty Cheep Project Bags from Blue Sky Alpacas. Great size and beautiful vintage-inspired print of birds (cheep… get it?), they’re made of thin cotton muslin and the pointy needles poked right through these too. 

I realized that three recent purchases have become my go-to preferred ones. Partly because they’re oh-so-pretty and shiny, but also because they’re quite functional. They’re handmade by Brenda who sells them at her etsy shop, KIP Bags by Ruddawg. Why do I love them so? Let me count the ways . . .

  1. They come in a great variety of fabrics.
  2. They’re handmade AND well-made.
  3. They have strong silky ties, which are more durable than thin ribbons.
  4. They’re lined with muslin so your pointy-tipped needles don’t poke through.
  5. They come in three or four different sizes. I have two different sizes myself.
  6. They have pockets along the inside lining for your patterns, notions and extra needles.
  7. They’re extremely reasonably priced.
  8. If there’s something in particular you want, Brenda will seek out that fabric for you.
  9. It’s super easy purchasing from Brenda and you get your purchase fast, fast, fast!

I’m sure I could go on and on but I’m eager to show you the object of my love instead. This is the medium-sized bag, and it holds a fair amount. That’s Sweetie Girl holding it in her arms. She’s 9 year old sized, to give you an idea of how big that bag is. I convo’d Brenda recently asking if she had any new fabrics coming up in the medium sized bag, and she sent me links to this print featuring Japanese anime gals doing martial arts. My heart skipped a beat. There’s a red version of this print, which I was too slow to snag, but the pink one makes me just as happy.

Isn't she just so bad-assed?

Isn't she just so bad-assed?

She's pretty kick-butt too.

She's pretty kick-butt too.

This is the very first one I owned, so I’m a bit nostalgic. It features an Amy Butler lotus pattern and it’s the small size. The white tabs are sewn into the side, so you can insert some type of clip in them. I found this carabiner lying around the house and immediately repurposed it for knitting good. I use it to attach the bag around the handle of my portable soccer chair when I’m watching the kids’ games. Makes the yarn come out perfectly without any snags or funny business.

Sorry, doesn't come with cute pink carabiner clip. I had to add that myself.

Sorry, doesn't come with cute pink carabiner clip. I had to add that myself.

The third of my Ruddawg collection looks like the beauty that she is, but she’s like MacGyver on the inside. She sports a sewn-in wall to separate your two skeins of sock yarn for your two-at-a-time sock project.

Pretty Japanese-themed print
Pretty Japanese-themed print

 The sewn-in wall keeps the two skeins of sock yarn separate. Neat-o!

The sewn-in wall keeps the two skeins of sock yarn separate. Neat-o! Those are the Serpentine Socks in there. The beautiful green yarn is Lotus Yarns‘ Chakra in the Hydroponic colorway. There’s cashmere in that there yarn and it’s OMG squooshy and soft. I think of Melanie’s Hydroponic colorway as her signature color. Don’t get me wrong; she’s got other amazing colorways, but this one does it for me.

Now can you understand my love for these bags?


6 responses to “Why I Love These Project Bags

  1. Yes! I understand. Those bags are great. I have a few similar ones that they give you when you spend a lot of money at Wild Fiber. HOWEVER, they’re not as nicely made as your bags.

    Want some NOW!

  2. Those bags are really cute!! I love the little girls doing martial arts!! And of course, Amy Butler totally does it for me.

    How’s the Hydroponics coming? It the yarn working out?


  3. And they make great gifts too. I love mine!

  4. Those bags are super cute and useful. I want….. (off to check Etsy)

  5. That anime bag is kick ass perfect for ya. Love.

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