Serpentine Progress

It fits! It fits! I’ve been making these socks for Madgik, based on her foot measurements. Yesterday, we finally got together for our usual Wednesday knit group, and she tried on her sock in progress. We’re both pleased as punch that the socks fit. I’ve been taking WIP photos of the sock, meaning to post them, but I’d get distracted easily by other topics. So, here’s the Serpentine evolution so far.

Toes and pattern emerging.


Heel turned!

Perfect fit! This picture shows the closest representation of the true color. Nice and green!

Although we’ve got June gloom going on here (which I much prefer over 100+ degree temps), it’s definitely spring as evidenced by the nesting birds in our rafters.  Although the grasses all hang down and look a mess, I can’t bear to take down any pre-nests, in fear that there might be eggs in there. Usually after a few weeks, we see one momma bird sitting on her nest and we start checking daily for the chicks. This year, we have two!


This is the view from my kitchen window, taken through the glass. This is the momma bird who leaves occasionally but always comes back. No little chick heads peeping out yet.


This is the corner rafter so it’s a bit harder to get a good picture but got lucky with this shot. This is the chick, I think. She looks quite big but not as big as the momma bird. I haven’t heard any chicks tweeting or peeping yet so maybe she is? I’m in bird watch so hopefully we’ll know soon!


2 responses to “Serpentine Progress

  1. I’m gonna have to check out what toe up pattern you’re using……is it on Ravelry? I really like the way these are coming out. I’ve never found a toe up pattern that I like or that fits right, but this might be it.

    Oh, and LOVE that green…..Naturally!

    Hope you get some baby chicks! I think I have hummingbirds mating in my backyard, but haven’t found the nest yet.

  2. Those socks are GORGEOUS! I love that green and after feeling how soft and squishy they are, I most definitely need some of that yarn.

    We had a nest for a couple of years that we could see from our kitchen window. It’s fun to see those tiny heads peaking out.

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