The Serpentine Socks have been in time out for the past week for misbehaving. Well, to be more accurate, I goofed and the socks had to pay the price. Before I show you the un-progress, I’ll first show you an overdue picture of last week’s KIP day.


This is my friend, Thalia, and I at Palm Desert. Thalia learned to knit last year and has done a great job on her knits. I’m so proud of her! I am indeed working on the Serpentine Socks, before I discovered the mistake.  Are you ready for the scary pictures?

First, here’s a picture of the goof up in the pattern.


Can you find it? If not, there’s a closer-up picture.


It looks like a miscrossed cable, but this deceptively simple pattern doesn’t feature cables. These are accomplished through yo’s and decreases. Time to rip it back…


I didn’t want to rip back all the way to where the mistake was because it was on the same row as the heel shaping. If I ripped part of that out, I didn’t think I could pick it up where I left off. Instead, I opted to ladder down 6 rows and reknit those sections. There were 6 sections in all that needed to be fixed.


Both socks all done (even though it’s just a picture of one)!


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! Here’s what a slice of our afternoon looks like.



5 responses to “Un-Progress

  1. It sucks having to rip out. At least the worst of it is over and you can move forward again. The socks are looking great! Poolside knitting looks fun! Did you have drinks with umbrellas too? Buttercup looks like she can’t wait for SG to wake up and play. 🙂

  2. I thought the socks looked fabulous before you fixed them (see what I know?). I love the color! Love the poolside knitting, especially since you two managed to coordinate your suits. Looks like a lovely day!

  3. Sob, it’s pictures like this that make me realize how much I miss my knitting and all-around good buddy!!!

  4. DOH!! Bummer on the sock mistake, but you did a FINE job fixing them…..they look amazing. You know I love that color!

  5. Thanks again for knitting me my very own pair of green socks. You’re the best!

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