Summer is officially here and I have two indicators for me: summer fun and crochet, not that they are mutually exclusive. However, they are in this post.

Sweetie Boy had the chance to head out to Lake Havasu this past weekend with friends, and had his first taste of wakeboarding. He didn’t make it to his feet but seemed to do just fine on his knees.



I love this next picture of him, relaxed and chill on the boat. Ahhhh, this is what summer is all about.


Now, what does crochet have to do with summer? Everything for our knitting group and online rav group, because it’s our Summer of Crochet group crochet-along! I’ve been practicing for this and love the quickness of the granny square. So fast! So easy! So simple!


These squares are going to become a scarf. Now, I just have to arrange them in the order I want for the scarf and then sew them up. Here they are for their individual pics. In the original pattern, there are three different granny square motifs with different colors for each row. I decided to mix things up a bit by using three different variegated yarns and two solids .

IMG_9455 IMG_9457

IMG_9458 IMG_9460

That meant, I needed another granny motif and decided on this one from Attic24. She makes hers in beautiful different solid colors, and although my finished square might not be the intended result as hers, I think it’s still cheery.


This week’s goal is to figure out how to sew them up nicely. And when this one is done, granny square love is not over. Nicole and I are splitting yarn to make one like the pattern, using solid colors and alternating different colors with each row.


3 responses to “Summer

  1. Cool pics of SB!

    Good job on your squares! I really like the colors you used. I now have 11 little squares. Only 39 more to go and 70 more bigger sizes. Oy.

  2. Cool scarf!

    Love the wakeboarding pictures- looks like tons of fun!

  3. Hey, thanks for the link to the Attic24 grannysquare tutorial…..I think even I might be able to pull of crocheting some a these with that super tutorial.

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