Along for the Ride

One of the best ways, I find, to motivate myself to get to those projects on my wish list is by signing up for knit-alongs, also known as KAL’s, or sew-alongs, SAL’s. One of the primary reasons I joined the Stitch Once, Rip Twice group on FaceBook, hosted by Diane of VintageZest, was to join in on the SAL’s, so jump into the deep end, I did. I participated, albeit late, in their Fall Refashioning and/or 60’s Challenge. You could sew an item refashioned from a previous garment, or a 1960’s inspired garment, or both. I chose the 60’s challenge because I’ve been digging the retro influences in fashion lately. The challenge  ended at the end of September, but I finished my dress late. What can I say? When the muse doesn’t strike you . . .

I dug into my stash, and found a length of quilting cotton from JoAnn’s. Cool dots all over and nice fall colors, it was the perfect fabric choice. I then found the perfect retro pattern in my stash, Simplicity 3833, an A-line sheath dress. I knew I was in business.

I decided to work on a new technique for me, so I lined the entire dress. I often get tired of fiddling with neck and arm scye facings, and saw somewhere a sewist lined an entire dress, thereby eliminating the need for facings. Looked easy enough. After a bit of internet research, I figured out (enough) how to do it. Basically, I constructed a second dress made of the 100% cotton lining fabric but left the shoulders unseamed. I popped the dress into the lining and sewed them together at the arm holes and neck. I then sewed just the shoulders together of the dress and then hand stitched the lining at the shoulders and the back zipper. My brain took a while to process it and figure it out before I could attempt it.  After all this talk about lining, I forgot to take pictures of the inside. And then I wore it on a particularly warm day. I’ll take pictures of the inside lining beautifulness after I wash it. I know. Ewwwwww. That’ll be the next post.

Here’s the end product. I’m quite pleased with it, so much so that I chose to wear it with my new groovy orange sandals.

IMG_6572    IMG_6574

I really like the seam under the bust with the dart. I didn’t worry about matching up the dots, and I think it looks fine (says me, the lazy sewist).


Please excuse my creepy facial expressions. I just can’t make myself mug it up in front of the camera.

My next post should feature some finished knitting projects, that is, if I can bring myself to take more pics of me. I’ve got a couple of fall cardigans to show you. Until then, be groovy.

10 responses to “Along for the Ride

  1. So cute! I like that you got the whole 1960s Mod thing going on. I can’t wait for the lining pictures, because I have yet to do anything that ambitious yet.

    P.S. – Don’t worry about being “late”! I’m writing the round-up post that I’ll publish in a bit, so you snuck in just in time. 🙂 Yay!

    • Too bad I didn’t have any white go-go boots to complete the look. The lining just seems ambitious. I’ve come to realize that it’s a little extra work that results in a lot of bang for your buck.

  2. This dress is so Sixties! I love the dots and the side bust dart!
    And congrats for your first lining! I think it adds a lot to a dress or a skirt…
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  3. I love it, especially the print! It’s very 60s. If you’re interested, there is a tutorial on Burdastyle called “all in one facing” which eliminates any hand sewing.

  4. Great dress. The fit is fabulous. Did you have to tweak at all? Or is that right out of the envelope? I especially how neat and non-gapey the armholes look. Oh, and fab oanage sandals!

    • Thanks Susan! That was the fit right out of the envelope. Surprising, huh? I think I just got lucky. I would have sewn the size 16, but I checked the finished measurements beforehand and realized the 14 would work. The bust seam and dart were a nice combination for me on this pattern.

  5. Adorable (as usual)! I LOVE this print. The sheath looks great on you, especially with those rockin’ orange sandals!

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