Picnic Skirt Pattern Testing

I got the chance to participate in Sew Caroline’s new soon-to-be-released pattern, the Picnic Skirt. It was my first time being a tester, and I was chuffed to be able to sew not just one, but two. I made an XS for Squid and an XL for moi.


Squid’s skirt is made with a merlot 100% polyester peachskin I recently purchased from Fabricmart Fabrics for a song. I knew I wanted to make her a full skirt with this when I purchased the fabric, and when this pattern came up, it was a perfect match.


My skirt is made with some fabric in stash, a floral rayon challis. Flowy and drapey, I think it was a great match for the pattern too. I wore the skirt for the rest of the day, and it was so easy and comfy to wear while curled up on the sofa with my knitting (something I do a little too much).


The pattern hasn’t been released yet, so look for it soon!

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