Me Made May Recap – The Whole Shebang

So Me Made May came and went, and now that it’s more than a month later, I’m finally getting around to posting my final recap.

This was my first time participating, having watched it from the sidelines for the past 2 years. It took me 1 year to screw up the courage, and once I started sewing again, I knew I could do it. That’s right, with May’s temps in So Cal I couldn’t sustain the challenge just on my knitting alone. I knew it had to be supported with some other pieces, and before I actually committed to Me Made May, I had to count how many pieces I could wear. I had plenty! Gulp.

And you know what, it was a blast. It encouraged me to wear some pieces I hadn’t worn for a while. And it helped me look with a critical eye at some items in my closet. I’m glad I did; I gave some pieces a farewell wear, and then it went into the giveaway pile. I will definitely do this again next year!

I learned interesting things about myself and my closet. I lacked wearable everyday shirts, so I sewed about 4-5 shirts. I wear dresses and skirts more than pants in summer and spring, and find I enjoy sewing and wearing knits the most. Perhaps because it’s easiest to fit my body. And it encouraged me to sew more challenging pieces. I made my first zipper fly and while it’s not perfect, it looks okay. I also sewed my first buttonhole on my machine, and sadly realized that my auto buttonhole feature is broken. boo. Time to take it in to the shop.

Okay, enough musings. Here are the last few days of Me Made May 2014.

Day 26 – I made the Grainline Moss Mini Skirt with some old stash fabric, Lisette bottomweight I got from the clearance bin at Joanne’s. My first zipper fly almost killed me. almost. But I survived, and when I wore the skirt, Squid said, “You look like such a mom with that skirt on!” Ummmm, yeah. That’s what I am.

Day 27 – I reached way back in my closet for this dress. It’s Vogue 1224 made with some jersey knit from Girl Charlee. This was one of my first knit sewing projects.


Day 28 – My Little House on the Prairie Washi dress. I found this fabric on my first visit to Sew LA and knew I wanted to make a Washi with it.


Day 29 – The Easiest Skirt, pattern by Shaerie of Sew LA, is one of my new favorites. It’s name is no lie, because I can sew one of these babies up in an hour or so. I used a blue gingham quilting cotton and it’s a fave. If you’re curious about this pattern, or want an easy, go-to everyday skirt, this is the one!


Day 30 – Another MimiG knit pencil skirt, this free youtube tutorial was my go-to piece last summer. Add in a loose tank top, and Bob’s your uncle. Cotton spandex striped jersey knit from Girl Charlee. A bonus for you all, this day featured a cameo by my fluffy baby.


Day 31 – Last and final Me Made May Day found me on the soccer field for the whole day at Squid’s tourney. I rewore my MariaDenmark Kristen Kimono Tee but layered my handknit Liesel cardigan, pattern by Ysolda Teague, and yarn by Araucania cotton.


Thanks for sticking with me during this journey. If you haven’t thought about participating, I can’t recommend it enough. Just think, you have 11 months to prepare for Me Made May 2015!


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