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Catching Up

I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do with you.  Ignoring the fact that I didn’t blog for about two months, when I tried to blog over the last two weeks, I couldn’t. So Frustrating!  And I even had stuff to say.  Which may not be saying much. Anyhoo.

I worked on my February Lady Sweater a bit in early February, got distracted of course, and now I’m back to it. The green of this Dream in Color Classy is incredible, and while I love the vibrancy of this semi-solid yarn, I can’t help but wonder if it’s detracting from the lace pattern.  Perhaps I just need some perspective and to see it far away.


In the meantime, I took a detour on a couple of socks and a stole during February. I’ll post about the stole when I have pictures, but here’s the other stuff.


This is one half of a pair of Los Monos Locos or Toe-Up Monkeys, as they’re called. I had this yarned pulled out and started for a sock with a picot edge but lacked inspiration, so I frogged it. I then repurposed it for the Monkeys, and finally finished the one. Only problem is I can’t find the other skein of this yarn for the other sock. Gah! I have tossed and turned my stash but to no avail, so it’ll have to sit patiently by until that skein turns up. BTW, if anybody happens to have an extra skein of Koigu KPPPM in color #211, would you be so kind as to sell it to me?

ETA: I found the other skein of koigu last night. Squeeeeee! And promptly cast on for the toe.

This year, I have begun my quest to conquer the toe-up heel flap sock, I’ve been trying different patterns. It’s time to actually knit with the burgeoning stash of sock yarn and no better time than the present.  I used some bright orange yarn that I got from the Yarntini sock club, which I didn’t think I ever used. However, I ended up loving the whimsy of the bright, dare I say neon, orange.


Project: You’re Putting Me On by Judy Gibson

Yarn: Yarntini Semi-Solid Sport in Fuzzy Navel, 1 skein

Needles: Addi Turbos 24″ circular in US size 3, a’la magic loop.

Start: February 19

Finish: February 22


Thoughts: I liked this heel for the most part, except when I had to pick up stitches along the turned heel edge. It wasn’t so bad on the knit side, but the purl side was a bit of a drag. I think the yarn is a bit loose on these size 3 needles, and in the future, size 2 is the way to go.  Not that I have anymore of this yarn but it’s a good thing to file away in my brain in case there’s a next time. The only mod I did was using Turkish Toes, which I really love doing. There is something so satisfying about making that little toe from nothing. As for the leg, it was straight up 2×2 rib, and they’re a bit loose and slouchy.  Next time, I’ll have to decrease a bit before starting the rib, and one more next time, make the foot a bit longer before starting the heel.  The directions said three to three and a half inches shorter than the foot length. They were a squoosh too short, but the superwash yarn relaxed in the wash and it’s better now.


Here’s an oldie I’m dusting off for you. It’s Ariann which I actually finished back in November but never got around to posting.


Project: Ariann by Bonne Marie Burns

Yarn: Cascade 220 in teal, 5 skeins

Needles: Knit Picks Options in US sizes 6 and 7

Start: September 2007

Finish: November 21, 2008


Thoughts: I really love this sweater, only I have to block it again because there’s too much gap when I button the three other buttons. The color is great; the yarn softened up beautifully. It’s a great go-to sweater for anything. The only mod I made was knitting the collar longer. The only frustration I had, which was a big one, was maintaining the lace pattern and stitch count while doing the shoulder decreases. I think I ended up with one shoulder having a couple more stitches than the other, but oh well! I can’t tell in the fit at all.


Wishing you a stress-free rest of the week, and if you’re one of the many lucky ones who are at Stitches West, please buy lots of yarn vicariously for me, kay?


She’s a-dryin’ out

Ariann is done and she’s a-dryin’ out. No, no problem with alcohol. At least I don’t think so. I did the very focused and almost manic weave-in-the-ends-and-sew-up-the-seams finishing this morning, so I could quickly toss her in the bath. Before her bath, I tried her on quickly for fit and measured her. The bust grew eight inches just from the dunk! That’s a good thing because it was too tight. Now I hope she won’t be too big. I don’t remember the swatch doing that but I swatched over 14 months ago so I don’t remember. Naturally, I didn’t take any notes on pre and post blocking gauge measurements. Fingers crossed she’ll be dry and fit in time for Thanksgiving.

She’s all stretched out here on the blocking board. Taking these pictures from way up high is always kind of interesting. I can get a better feel for proportion and I wonder if the collar is too long. The pattern calls for four inches, but on the rav boards, there’s a few who have made them longer, anywhere up to eight inches total. Probably too long and floppy for my shrimpyness, so I went with five inches. We shall see. If it’s too long, I’ll have to convince myself it’s worth the effort to rip back to four.

Finally, I can turn to some holiday gift knitting! If only I knew what to make. Maybe a dumpling bag or two or three?

Out of Shape

Hello. So glad you’re still here checking this site for any odd word from me. I apologize for not posting for a while. Things got busy, yada yada yada. It seems even my knitting took a slight break.

I’ve been working on Ariann, while sneaking behind her back and obsessing about starting new sweaters, cowls, caps, and wristwarmers. I have to admit I’m not in love with Ariann anymore. I’m having a tough time with my shoulder decreases while maintaining the decreases in the lace simultaneously. Of course, I could have done an internet and ravelry search to find out what other people have done. But, in the end, I was just too lazy.

You know how when you think you’re going to run out of yarn so you knit faster? This was the exact opposite. I wasn’t sure what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I was doing; I didn’t like how the decreases were looking next to each other; I didn’t like being in confused, chaotic state, so my knitting slowed to a crawl. Then, I justified working on some quick knit cowls as birthday gifts for my Sweetie Niece who is in upstate NY freezing her patootie off. Let’s just say the lack of knitting has taken a toll on me.

On Saturday, I knitted more hours than I have for quite a while… through my Mom’s doctor appointment, Sweetie Girl’s soccer game and a quiet afternoon. I finished the last of the cowls using some stash Lamb’s Pride Bulky on size 11s. Wow, did they hurt my hands. After that was bound off, I cast on and later finished a soccer beanie on size 7s for Sweetie Girl’s teammates. (Did I mention that I was crazy enough to think of knitting matching soccer beanies for all eight girls, plus one for the coach? Two down, seven to go.)

That night before dinner, I noticed my forearms and hands were really tired, and figured it was the knitting. So I popped a couple of tylenol. After dinner, I felt like a complete wimp/loser because my arms and hands were throbbing. Two advils, an ice pack and a few hours later, and the pain finally subsided. Yowza, I haven’t felt pain like that in a while. I guess I have a new goal. Get back into knitting shape! Now, if only I can conquer Ariann, I’ll be on my way.

Before I go, here’s the last little bit I wanted to show you. Melanie of Lotus Yarns sent out our first shipment of the Big Ass Yarn Club (I love the name and it’s so perfect for me!). It’s two skeins of Nirvana Worsted in the colorway bliss. Nice and soft and in fall muted tones. I’m thinking of the Herringbone Neck Warmer. Ahhhh, bliss… just what I need.

I’m making an effort to get back on the blogging badwagon. I’ll post those fos in the next few days.

My Least Favorite Cast On

Sorry for the pun, but it’s true. Sweetie Boy rolled his foot in PE about a week and a half ago, and after resting it for a week, it wasn’t getting any better. The orthopedist said there wasn’t any fractures that could be seen on the x-ray, but recommended casting his foot for a week, so he could get proper rest. That’s what we did. It comes off on Thursday, so fingers crossed it’s all better. Even with the cast slowing him down a little bit, Sweetie Boy is still all smiles. He’s always been my happy boy ever since he was a baby.

Lest you think I don’t knit anymore (even though I don’t seem to blog about it much), I have been making progress on Ariann. Look! She even has arms now.
The color is a bit of a deeper teal color, and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this sweater. I’m using some Cascade 220 which I scored for a pittance from the Knit Happens Online clearance. We have had a nice couple of days which actually felt like fall. This weekend, at Sweetie Girl’s 8 a.m. soccer game, I was chilly enough to wear my wool CPH! Unfortunately, it’s not long-lived as temps are predicted to get back into the ’90s this week. Ugh! Fall, where are you?

The Summer of Lace was my knitting group’s latest knitalong. It started officially on the Summer Solstice and ended today, the Autumnal Equinox. Sounds cool, huh? I can assure you that I had nothing to do with tying it into the cool seasons. Me? I just try to knit according to the theme for the most part.

Hanami was my chosen project for the Summer of Lace, and it was a tough one. As you can see, I didn’t finish it, so for me, it’s more like the Neverending Summer of Lace. I just finished Chart A and only six more charts to go. Gulp. I. Must. Finish. Hanami. because when it’s done, it’ll be gorgeous. Here’s where she is right now. She looks tiny and will have to be aggressively blocked to be even just a decent sized scarf. I chose to keep my sanity and only complete five basketweave repeats, instead of the proscribed seven.

Even though Hanami is still a wip, I did finish another lace project, the Lacy Skirt with Bows. It was the “official” lace project, but it still had a decent amount of lace and it’s done. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a modeled shot of her this week.

In the middle of the Hanami drama (is that Hanama?), I’m still working diligently on Ariann. I have bound off for the underarms, and am casting on for a sleeve. Let’s hope I can cruise through sleeve island in a decent amount of time.


We’re easing back into school, which is a good thing because it means more knitting time for me. I felt that familiar “ooh-shiny” feeling of excitement to impulsively cast-on the Basic Chic Hoodie by Bonne Marie Burns with some cotton fleece in stash. And then I talked myself off the ledge. I remembered, I had Ariann, another Bonne Marie pattern, in the snoozing pile, and I was itching to dig her out and start her up again. I guess that means I’m ready for cool weather and sweaters.

Before I could give myself over to Ariann, I knew I had to finish up my Lacy Skirt with Bows. I didn’t want Silvia to be the only one who finishes projects when we have our bicoastal mini-kals. Check out how ooh-la-la! she looks in her skirt. So I dug in and dug myself out, and another knitted skirt has emerged. My gauge was off from the beginning, and this one looked small from the get go. It’s being stretched on the rack , er, I mean, blocking aggressively now after a long soak. Fingers crossed that it’ll fit better than sausage casing (sorry for that bad mental image). Here she is being pinned to within an inch of her life.

And here’s Ariann. It took me a while of studying the pattern to remember the repeats, but I stuck with it and worked through my confusion. It’s a bottom up pattern, and I’m at the waist increases. The wool is oh so nice to work with after weeks of working with the raw silk of Shibu.

Have a great weekend and I hope you get some knitting done.

WIP Report a Day Late

What’s going on with the late WIP Reports these past two weeks? Last week, it was the power outage. This week, honestly I didn’t have much to show for myself. I missed our knitting group on Monday and Wednesday, lazy sod that I am, so I procrastinated in showing you my lack of progress. Today, I’m facing the music.

Ariann has become the sweater that gets worked on at Sweetie Girl’s soccer practice… once a week, she says sheepishly. She got a couple of rows added yesterday. Here’s the picture. Not too different from the last picture, right?

For my nighttime tv watching brainless knitting I’ve been swatching. Yep, just swatching. For the Indigo Ripples Skirt. I knit the swatch in the round, so it’s like I knit 2 swatches, right? Right, let’s go with that idea. I even hung it up to dry to recreate as much of the actual fabric as possible, so here you go. Tahki Laguna 2000, a linen viscose blend that’s almost nubby. After it’s washed, it develops this great sheen. I think it’ll look great on the skirt… if I ever get around to knitting it.

Here’s the newest flavor of the week, Second Wave Clapotis kal. You all know what a joiner I am. I never did finished the first one that I’m using some Knit Picks sock yarn on; it’s woefully narrow and may be frogged, if I could ever bring myself to rrrrripit. Now that I have a ton of yarn that I’ve purchased specifically for Clapotis, I think I can handle working with some luscious yarn in a pattern that is known for having a great rhythm. Thanks to tiennie knits for mentioning it on her blog. Anybody up for Clapotis-ing with me? The kal starts on September 23.
This weekend? Get ready for The Harlot!