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I took a detour from Wicked to show you this array of miscellany. First of all, in honor of Project Spectrum’s color du jour blue for February and March, I offer you this.

That’s one of the hats I was asked to make. Sweetie Kids’ piano teacher asked me to knit up a few caps for a former student who is experiencing some medical challenges right now. After I calmed my giddy self down, we chose three basic styles and three different yarns from my stash. This is what ensued:

(L to R) Sweetie Girl is wearing the 4×4 rib beanie made with Blue Sky Organic Cotton in bone. Piano Teacher’s Sweetie Girl is wearing the Santa Cruz cap made from some malabrigo-like yarn. I really enjoyed this new pattern from Magknits, so much so that I had to cast on another one right away! Piano Teacher’s Sweetie Girl is also modeling a basic beanie with a 2×2 rib at the brim made from Noro Kureyon color #150. They’ve been washed and are drying. Then they’ll be ready to go! It was such a pleasure to knit caps for someone you know (or someone they know) who really needs them. Great yarn, great patterns, quick knits, good cause… as a knitter, I couldn’t ask for more.

At the lys, we’re having a Malabrigo sale. Simply put, I love this yarn. So much so that I set aside four more hanks of different colors. However, I figured I should actually knit something with it before adding to my already copious stash, so I wound it up. See how quickly the yarn cake sidled up to the new Piddleloops project bag!

Not a close enough picture of the yarn? How’s this?

Lastly, here’s the sock pr0n picture of the prize pack I won from Chrissy’s SAM2 kal.

(L to R, top) KnitPicks Sock Memories, Simple Stripes, Sock Garden; (bottom) Sweet Socks from the sweet sheep, Koigu KPPPM, and Chewy Spaghetti

Thanks, Chrissy! I am a truly lucky gal!

A Couple of Nice Surprises

Okay, so maybe nice isn’t the right word. Today has been an exhausting day, one in which I worked four hours on my feet at the LYS, and then went home to take my Mom on her errands. Hurray. When I sat down to read my blogs this evening, I got a couple of nice… make that great… surprises.

The first is my downline Secret Pal finally got her reveal package from me. I’ve been waiting for over a week to hear from her, and finally did this evening. She’s Aussie Michelle of The Knitting Muso, and I’ve had a blast spoiling her with knitting stuffs. She’s an accomplished pianist and instructor, and a knitting machine. I hope you enjoy reading about her knitting and not-so-knitting adventures, as I have these past few months.

The second nice surprise is hearing from my fellow Knitty Gritty Knitster Carolyn. She has committed to keeping her blogging going, so head on over to JollyEwe to read about her really great knits. Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet up at Stitches West for some reunion knitting on a sofa. Anybody else interested in meeting up?

The other really great surprise came from Chrissy, the Knittin’ Mom, who is the hostess of the Sock-a-month kals. I won a prize package for SAM 2, enough yarn for 6 more pairs of socks. Woo hoo! I joined SAM 2 to motivate me to keep knitting socks, and I knit at least 1 pair for each of the 6 months. I think my total was 8 pairs at the end of the kal. If this ain’t the best incentive to sign up for SAM 3, I don’t know what is. I’ve already convinced sknitty, annette, and seattle marie to join in on the fun for SAM 3. Won’t you join us?