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Santa Cruz Again

Here’s the second Santa Cruz cap, this time made in Malabrigo. I used the skein of Malabrigo that Rachelle, my one skein secret pal, gifted me, and I think it’s perfect for this cap. (Thanks Rachelle!) The yarn was pure heaven to work with, and Sweetie Hubby agreed. I always like to make him fondle the yarn or project as I’m knitting to appreciate super soft yarn. The cap? Gorgeous, in my opinion, although a bit small on me. Fits Sweetie Girl perfectly though. This is definitely high on the redo list, although I might have to lengthen it if I made another one for myself.

Project: Santa Cruz cap
Yarn: Malabrigo in Tortuga, half of a hank
Needles: Denise US size 8s
Start: Feb 16
Finish: Feb 17
Thoughts: I love the color variegation on this skein of
Tortuga. Recently, the lys got a bunch of Malabrigo in, and that lot of Tortuga is mostly greys, not much greens at all. The vinegary smell is almost all gone, and that’s without any washing. I followed the directions for the worsted weight yarn, and it was interesting enough without being too challenging. I tried to work on it in between soccer games at Sweetie Boy’s soccer tourney this weekend, but it was a bit more than I could handle. I ended up finishing it at home Saturday evening instead. I definitely recommend this yarn and this pattern. Two thumbs up!