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Day 8: Liverpool

It was a nice train ride from Manchester for our day trip to Liverpool. We’ve been enjoying record temps here in the UK. Brad and I got a chuckle, when we read a warning to the public that with these extreme temperatures, babies, small children and pets should not be left in locked vehicles for any amount of time. We’re used to seeing this in our neck of the woods, and especially when the temps hit the 90s, but it was a bit funny to see the warning here too.

Once we arrived in Liverpool, we headed towards the Albert Docks to Beatles Story, their official museum in Liverpool. Of course, not until after a bit of goofing around.

We toured the museum and really enjoyed the exhibits about their start and the start of the British Invasion, and their meteoric rise to fame.

There was a recreation of The Cavern, one of the main Liverpool nightclubs they performed, and there was a great vibe to it. We truly appreciated their musical, songwriting and performing geniuses.

It was a bit ironic that the day we visited, April 10, was the same date that Paul announced the group was splitting up. We didn’t plan it that way; it was just a coincidence.

One very touching exhibit was seeing John Lennon’s piano, … and pictures from his Imagine sessions. I felt these were quite special and touching to see.

I have to admit, I came away from the end of the tour a bit saddened by it. What they shared and created together was wonderfully magical, and I hated seeing it end the way it did. However, that’s part of their history and I just have to accept that peaks wouldn’t be peaks without the valleys. Hearing their music still makes me happy and I’m glad the kids got to appreciate and hopefully understand the Beatles’ significance in the music world.

We rushed off to Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool Football Club, afterward. While I would have loved a full stadium tour, a’la Old Trafford’s, sadly it was not to be. Their game was scheduled for the next day, so only mini tours are offered the day before matches. Big sigh… We did get to go into the stadium though, sat in The Kop (one end of the stadium) and looked onto the pitch, as well as tour the museum. It was a bit disappointing but it’s nice for me to say that I’ve actually been there.

Wes, the die-hard Man U fan, refused to pose in any of the Liverpool pictures, but I snap a pic of him on the escalator. Escalators have always made him happy, ever since he was a toddler. I guess some things you never grow out of.

I have two bits of sad yarn-related news. The first is that while running about in Liverpool, we ran out of time and I didn’t get a chance to go to the LYS, Purlesque. A missed yarn opportunity is always sad for me. Please sit down for the next one, if you’re faint of heart. Second, while on the train from Edinburgh to Manchester, I worked steadily on a stripey ribbed grey and purple beanie for Wes. Yes, you saw a picture of it on the Edinburgh day. I had purchased new Addi Turbos needles for this project, got through 65% of the hat on the train, and was starting to see the finish line. As we approached the Manchester station, the train was packed like sardines, and I put my knitting bag in my purse, and even tied the string onto the purse strap. You can probably already tell where this is going. Between the jostling of the heavy luggage, the crowds of people closed in about us, and the short 5-10 minute walk to the hotel, I lost the little project bag with Wes’ purple stripey hat and the new needles. I didn’t realize it until much later after we returned from the Old Trafford stadium tour. A few inquiries to the hotel and train station and even a walk back of our route yielded no results. RIP knitting stuff. Sniff, sniff, I’ll miss you! Brad consoled me by suggesting a knitter picked it up and will give it a nice, loving home. Yes, I’ll think of it that way.