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Me-Made-May Recap Days 19 – 25

Are you still hanging in there with me? If so, I am a lucky gal to have you, dear Reader. Here goes days 19-25 of Me-Made-May 2014.

Day 19 – My skirt is Simplicity 2226, made with some stash quilting cotton, and topped with my as-seen-before Goodale cardi. Okay, in all fairness, I had it tossed in the corner of the picture, so I haven’t really introduced it to you. It’s the Goodale cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald and the yarn is Madelinetosh Sport in Silver Fox. I love so many of Cecily’s patterns, and she is having a sale right now until May 30. Use code “sale” for 20% off. I have to fight myself not to buy yet another one. Have you figured out that most of my me-made sweaters so far have been made with Madelinetosh yarn? I loves me my Madelinetosh, and I loves me some pockets in my skirts too.


Day 20 – Yet another Colette Laurel dress, this one in a great teal color. I purchased the fabric on sale on Black Friday at JoAnn’s and it’s a quilting cotton but I can’t remember the designer. I added the ruffle, or kind-of-ruffle, at the end of the 3/4 sleeves. I know I have made a lot of Laurel dresses, and I think there are a couple more that you haven’t seen. I’m not sure if they’ll make an appearance in MMM though because they are long-sleeved, and the weather is really starting to warm up.


Day 21 – I am sporting my Miette cardigan, pattern by Andi Satterlund. Yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Molly Ringwald colorway. I love everything about this project… pattern, yarn, and color! Knitting it was fun and a breeze. Last year, I knit up this cardigan as part of The Loopy Ewe’s Camp Loopy summer knitalong, and I am so glad I did because I get a ton of use from it. Camp Loopy is starting up again on June 1, so check it out here. Won’t you knit along with me?

And speaking of knitalongs, I’ve also signed up for Andi Satterlund’s and Lauren from Lladybird are hosting an Outfit Along. Lauren is hosting a sew along for a cute dress pattern, and Andi is hosting the knit along for her new cardigan pattern.  I fell hard for this one too. Won’t you knit and sew along with me? Oh, and if you don’t have enough to do, I’m also joining one of my knitting besties in Kristen Kapur’s Through the Loops Mystery Shawl kal. Yeah, I’m a little busy but it’s with stuff I love, so I can’t complain.


Day 22 – I’m lucky that the weather is cooperating a bit, and I’m able to wear some of my hand knits.  This is my handknit Urban sweater, pattern by Veera Välimäki, yarn by Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Hollyhock color way. See? I told you I loved that Madelinetosh yarn. All of the colors are so darn amazing!


Day 23 – For MMM’s themed Fridays, it was polka-dot day. I frankenpatterned Vogue top pattern with cotton lawn fabric from stash. I liked it at the time it was done, and it was nice and cool to wear. However, epic fail because I look preggers in this and I am NOT. The neck was too big so I just pinched together the extra fabric and popped a button on it to cover it up. Flickr readers were super sweet and assured me I didn’t look preggers, but I’m still doubtful.


Day 24 – My son was going to his first Prom in a RTW tux, and I’m wearing a Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina, made with cotton jersey knit from Girl Charlee, topped by my Miette card. It’s a little embarrassing how much knit fabric I purchase from Girl Charlee


Day 25 – I love 3 day weekends, especially when I don’t have to do anything. I spent the day sewing in my self-drafted tank dress, made with cotton spandex jersey knit from where else but Girl Charlee. It was hot, and the nice drape of this fabric was perfect. I cut it too short, so who knows… maybe it’ll become a nightie instead.


That’s last week’s wrap up! I’m reading that many other MMMers are getting tired of taking the photos every day. I know my family scatters when I pull out my phone, because they’re tired of taking my pic. I’m horrible at selfies, so that is not an option for moi. I think Christine Haynes said it best in her Instagram, “Mostly it feels so egocentric for my feed to be so full of selfies!” Hear hear Christine! I love seeing everybody else’s pictures, and I realized that I really love wearing my handmade clothes. I just need to make some more basics, like solid colored bottoms, so I’ll try focusing on that in the future. We’re in the homestretch now. Only 3 more days of MMM and I’m going to try to enjoy each and every day that’s left.

Me-Made-May Recap Days 12 – 18

Welcome back! I know you came just to *really* see if I would keep up the Me-Made-May shenanigans, and the good news is that I have! Here’s what last week had in store.

Day 12 – I celebrate the Monday holiday of “Laundry Day” in my household, and thus, I am dubbed “Laundry Queen” by DH. This was my Laundry Day get-up. It’s a self-drafted knit pencil skirt, tutorial by MiMi G and fabric from Girl Charlee. It’s a cotton blend jersey knit. Cool comfy and easy to throw on for washing day. I dunno; maybe a Rosie the Riveter outfit would have been more apropros for my work day?


Day 13 – Here’s a twofer for ya. I wore my Scout tee by Grainline Studio, made with a cotton voile I snatched up from the Purl Soho Warehouse in Tustin, CA. They have wonderful fabric AND yarn. It’s simply heaven there. Squid asked for a Brady Bunch shift dress, and after digging around in my stash, unearthed this cotton floral, lace crochet trim and bias tape. I sewed up a Colette Patterns Laurel dress for her and call it her Marcia-Jan dress.


Day 14 – The heat wave continued and I wore my Spring Showers dress. That’s what I just nicknamed it because I love the print. It’s a Washi dress, a Made by Rae pattern, and the fabric is from the Tula Pink Prince Charming line. This was my very first Washi dress, and I have since made 3 more. 2 are with long sleeves, so I don’t know if they’ll get any wear during MMM but I’ve got the other one on reserve in the closet. I call that one my Little House on the Prairie Washi, and that’s all I’ll say about it for now.


Day 15 – I wore a RTW tank paired with a self-drafted elastic waist skirt, fabric is a quilting cotton from Michael Miller. I have to say I was quite impressed with the fabric. It feel a bit heavier than most quilting cotton, and I really liked it. In fact, I liked it so much that when I saw the same fabric but in turquoise on sale at The Cotton Ball, a cute fabric shop in Morro Bay, I snatched it up. It’s still in stash, waiting to decide what it wants to become.


Day 16 – That Friday’s theme for Me Made May was “Too Pretty to Wear Pants,” and I am interpreted it literally. It’s another Colette Laurel dress with a quilting cotton from JoAnn’s. This is the first one I made with the lace and bias tape strip down the front of the dress. I really love it because it feels a little fancy but it’s a super comfy and casual outfit to wear.


Day 17 –  It was a beautiful weekend for soccer in So Cal, especially if you’re in Costa Mesa near the beach. Squid had a tourney, which means the whole day on the sidelines. I knew I needed to keep it simple with a Maria Denmark Kristen Kimono tee made with a lightweight cotton jersey knit. It’s a free pattern, and I learned about it through Sew Indie Month. I’m so grateful for the independent pattern designers for creating and publishing great patterns with clear directions. It also helps when they have a free downloadable pattern to try out.


Day 18 – Another beautiful soccer day in So Cal, another Maria Denmark Kristen Kimono tee. For this one I used up some of my early Girl Charlee stash I acquired when I began sewing again a few years go. It’s a cotton blend jersey knit tee, orange with white birds on it. 


I’m reading that other Me-Made-May-ers are also getting tired of taking and posting pics everyday. I instagram my daily outfits, and I know that if I don’t, I wouldn’t post anything. I’m glad I’m taking part in this little community sew/knit/wear-along. I’ve made some new blogging, instagram and flickr friends, and I love looking at everybody’s outfits! Until next week, have a great one!

Me-Made-May Recap Days 5 – 11

Well, it’s official. Me-Made-May has achieved the impossible. It has made me blog twice in a month. Wowee kazowee. I know; you’re practically celebrating in your seats as you read this. Here’s the recap of last week, which was also the first full week of mmm.

Day 5
Simplicity 1716 dress made from cotton jersey knit fabric. It’s one of the first fabrics I ever purchased from GirlCharlee.com. Super lightweight and comfy. I came across this pattern when Pattern Review featured their top 10 patterns for 2013, and loved seeing all of the versions. I’ve made two more of these dresses, and gifted them to my sister and niece. It’s an easy sew, except the shoulder/neck join is kind of funky for me.

Day 6
This was a double post day. It was a little chilly so I wore my Kira cardigan, pattern by Cecily Glowik-MacDonald and yarn from Miss Babs – Yowza Whatta Skein in Oregon Mist. The red buttons are vintage which I picked up from the vintage button booth at Stitches West 2012.
Squid’s BFFL, Madishi, was celebrating her birthday, and we gifted her the dress. It’s made with vintage poly knit from my mom’s stash. Seriously, I think the fabric is at least 40 years old. It has taken me almost a year to just get the moth ball smell out. The dress is a Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo, and it’s a fun, easy go-to pattern for me.

Day 7
I wore my long-sleeved Lady Skater Dress which I sewed up with more Girl Charlee cotton jersey knit. I lined the skirt to prevent any accidental peekaboos, and it is so super comfy. I wore it the first two or three times with a raw edge on the hem, and then decided to hem it in honor of mmm. It was a bit chilly again, so I topped the dress with a handknit Alga sweater, pattern by Veera Välimäki. The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Dahlia. I started this pullover 3/4 sleeve sweater 3 years ago, and left it unfinished because I knit ribbing for the sleeve cuff, instead of doing the garter stitch as called for by the pattern. It took me only 2 days to finish the sweater, once I got past the sleeve cuff. And no, I didn’t rip out the sleeve cuff; I left it in ribbing.

Day 8
I really wanted comfy, so I decided to put on my self-drafted maxi skirt made with a steel grey ITY knit, RTW boxy tee from The Gap, and a self-drafted infinity cowl made with Girl Charlee’s cotton jersey knit Sparrows in the Woods“. I love this cowl so much for its softness and its vintage-ness. It’s still on their website, so go there now and get some. I promise you won’t regret it!

Day 9
In honor of Blue Day, it was the first of my self-drafted knit pencil skirts using MimiG’s free tutorial. This was made with a Girl Charlee skinny navy and white cotton blend jersey knit, and it has such a soft hand! It’s the first one of these skirts that I always reach for first. Topping the RTW tee is my handknit Vitamin D cardigan, pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier. The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Betty Draper Blues. I knit this sweater in 2011 and 3 years later, to say I love this sweater is an understatement. It still gets regular wear, and I hope it never wears out.

Day 10
This skirt goes back to when I began sewing again, and I needed to build my confidence with some easy elastic waist skirts. This one is made with DS Quilts quilting cotton from JoAnn’s, paired with a RTW tank.


Day 11
Happy Mother’s Day! McCall’s 6115 has been burning up the facebook sewing groups, and I had to jump on the bandwagon. I scored this floral rayon challis from JoAnn’s bargain bin and had it in stash. It was a bit low in the underarm so I shortened the neck strap a good two inches. Of course, I also had to show my two favorite partial me-mades in the whole world — my kids!


Have a great week and have fun whatever you’re doing!

Hello again

Hello again. Sorry I went away for a while. I find I think about blogging but dislike taking the selfies. Well, I went ahead and did it this time. I signed up for Me Made May which will force me to take selfies, or force my family and friends to take pics of me. I’m cruel that way. If you don’t know about Me Made May, check it out here. It’s hosted by Zoe and it’s a wear-along. Last year, the idea scared the bejeezus out of me, but afterwards, I started imagining the pieces I could wear. So I took the plunge this year. I pledged to wear a handmade garment of clothing everyday in May. It’ll be a combination of sewn and hand knit garments for me. Here you go with the 4 days so far.

Day 1 featured my Staple Dress knock-off. When I started really sewing again, I really wanted the Staple Dress but was too scared to buy pdf patterns and cut and tape. Also, I was too cheap to buy it because it looked like a very forgiving pattern.  I got some great advice at a local shop on how I could McGyver my own, and did. The original pattern is McCalls 6551 and the fabric is quilting cotton by Juliana Horner which I got at JoAnn’s. I love the vintage look of this. The neckline was too wide, so I pinched it together in the front, tacked it and sewed a couple of buttons on it. Not the best fix but it works and I love this dress.


Day 2 – I wore my Lady Skater dress made with an oatmeal heather floral cotton jersey from Girl Charlee. Serious love for this dress. Super comfy and makes me feel pulled together. I love florals and prints but am always afraid the patterns I choose are too young for me. Not this one! This fabric had just the right balance of print, weight, color and hand. I would seriously wear this one everyday if I thought people wouldn’t comment. Excuse the bad garage photo. I had to snap this photo on my way out.


Day 3 – This is my Laurel dress by Colette Patterns made with a cotton which I purchased on my first visit to Sew L.A.  Just 2 yards is all it took. The Laurel pattern is one of my all-time favorites because it’s comfy, easy to make adjustments, and looks great with sleeves or without. When I originally made this dress, I thought I hemmed it too short, but in hindsight, I think it’s fine. Any longer, and the frump factor would go waaaaaay up.


Day 4 – I was on the soccer field for most of the day, and with our 90 degree temps in So Cal, I knew I had to be cool and comfy. I wore my Scout Tee by Grainline Studios made with another oatmeal heather floral jersey from Girl Charlee. This fabric was interesting to me because it’s a cotton linen blend, so I knew I had to check out the fabric. I’m glad I did because it has lived up to expectations. This tee was actually made with leftover fabric. It’s the second piece I had made with the fabric, the first being a Mission Maxi. That Maxi might show up later this month, so more on that later. I love the fit of this shirt, and I will definitely be making more of these.


That’s my recap of Me Made May so far. I mostly post on Instagram but will try to recap here every so often.  I have a lot of projects in the queue, both sewing and knitting, but all making-related. Have a great week and happy making to you!